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  • Dam liners in Kenya

    Pond Liners

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  • Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya

    Shade Houses

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  • Cost of Wooden Greenhouse in Eldoret

    Wooden Greenhouses

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  • Greenhouse costs and size

    Metallic Greenhouses

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  • seedling traysseedling trays

    Seedling trays

    We provide top-notch seedling trays in Kenya for your propagation requirements. The hole diameters in our seedling trays range from 28 to 288 cells. We use UV-treated materials to make our planting trays so they may be readily recycled after transplanting. They may be used to grow vegetables, tree seedlings, and other things.

  • DriplinesDriplines


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    A dripline is a pipe that has a drip emitter constructed inside of it that is uniformly placed throughout the pipe to provide a specific volume of water. This product, which satisfies the criteria for both strength and durability, is offered by Aqua Hub at the most competitive price available.

  • Irrigating

    Steel/ Galvanized Greenhouses

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    Buy steel greenhouses at Aqua Hub Kenya with the following features:

    • Metallic Structure
    • Water Tank (*Excluding the tank tower)
    • Drip Irrigation Kit
    • Filtration Unit
    • Polythene Sheeting
    • Insect Netting
    • Main Pipe & Fittings
    • Tank Connection


  • Water PumpsWater Pumps by Aqua Hub

    Water Pumps

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    Aqua Hub supplies and installs various sorts of irrigation water pumps in Kenya.
    We provide a wide range of water pumps. Surface and submersible water pumps are available.

    Surface pumps

    i. Solar water muscles pumps.

    ii. Electric pumps.

    iii. Generator pumps.

    Submersible pumps

    i. Solar-powered pumps

    ii. Electric pumps

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    Borehole Drilling & Servicing

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    A borehole drilling process is a well-known process that is used to tap into the earth’s natural resources. The process involves drilling down into the earth and then pumping water, oil and gas out of the ground.

    Borehole Drilling Process

    1. Conduct Hydro-geological survey
    2. Obtain the Hydro-geological survey and recommendation on the correct site
    3. Obtain Certification such as WARMA, NEMA , KIWI & County Government involved
    4. Avail the Rig ( Drilling Equipement ) at the site
    5. Commence the drilling process
    6. Pump fitting & Testing
    7. Commission & Handing over of the project to the Client.
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    Solar Dryer

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    Solar Dryers

    Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most suitable dryers for commercial use. Our dryers are mainly for fruits and vegetables and other special foods on demand.

    Components of our dryers 
    • Greenhouse polythene ( UV-Treated, 200 microns )
    • Steel / Wooden Structure ( With specific measurements to suit the volume of the matter to be dried )
    • Ventilation and Shelving netting ( UV-Treated )
    • The black substance absorbs heat ( Dam liners )
    • Ventilation fans ( Special cases )
    What are the Measurements we have?

    In most cases we tailormake our installations to quench customers needs but the most basics are ,

            1.5 m  x 1.5 m x 1m
          2 m x 2 m x 1.5 m
         3 m x 2 m x 2 m

    Read More below including our prices.

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    Saddle Clamps

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    A saddle clamp is a device that allows for the installation of irrigation water HDPE pipes quickly and securely. These devices function whether the irrigation water supply is under high or low pressure. An irrigation water pipe must be fitted with a saddle clamp and then secured in place. The saddle clamp is attached to the pipe through a pre-drilled hole. The saddle clamps appendix hole size determines the size of the drilled hole.

  • PVC PipesPVC Pipes

    PVC Pipes

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    Our PVC pipes come in various sizes: 2 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, and 110 mm.

    Our PVC pipes are used for;

    1. Water pipes and plumbing.
    2. Waste Management and Control
    3. Management of Rainwater.
    4. Agriculture PVC Pipes
    5. PVC Pipe Used for Fire Sprinklers
    6. for use in the industry
    7. Handling of Chemicals for Fittings