Greenhouse & Irrigation Systems

Irrigating With Every Drop | Your Plug for Climate Smart AGRICULTURE

We are a social enterprise promoting sustainable agriculture by providing affordable climate-smart irrigation technologies to smallholder farmers in the quest of improving their livelihoods

Increase your production and save water with our custom-made GREENHOUSES

Our sizes and scope ranges from 8 by 15 meters to 16 by 30 meters with different components and prices. We conduct pre-visit | soil testing & execution upon payments. Our package has agronomical support from transplanting to harvesting.


Best Deals

Where every drop counts. We offer farmers the best and affordable DRIP IRRIGATION KITS

Our irrigation systems are vast and reliable to Kenya farmers. We have various packages for the following.
Onion farming | Avocado farming | Cabbage farming | Watermelon farming | Strawberry farming | Beans farming | Passion fruit farming | Tree tomato farming| | Potato farming | Capsicum Farming | Apple Farming | French beans farming | Paw paw farming in Kenya.


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Farming is a journey, it requires resilience and consistence throughout the farming cycle. Learn more from our journey of interacting with farmers through our latest posts.