Shade Nets

Aqua Hub Kenya, one of the largest suppliers of shade nets in Kenya and throughout Africa, sells high-quality shade nets. To ensure that our nets last a decade in your farm, they are strictly made from UV treated mono filament material. They can withstand harsh tropical conditions such as excessive sunlight and rainfall.

Our nets are available in the following specifications
(i) Colour : black or green
(ii) Dimension : 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length)
(iii) Density/uv-filtration density : 35%, 55%, 60%, 75% and 90%



Shade Nets are knitted cloths that are useful to cover crops in greenhouses or nurseries. It protects them from pests, control moisture, and allows air circulation. It has UV-resistant tapes that give it durability and longevity. The net is also recyclable and agrochemical resistant. These fabrics are applicable to provide protection from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiations.

The right net for your crops is determined by the climatic conditions in your area. Shade nets are your most important partner in ensuring increased yields while protecting your investment from harsh climatic conditions and the unpredictable changing weather patterns that we are currently experiencing.

The Benefits of Shade Nets

  • Controls atmospheric elements such as wind pressure.
  • Are useful to avoid plant damage, which improves photosynthesis, a key process that leads to plant productivity.
  • Prevents crops from exposure to UV rays
  • Retain a greater volume of water, resulting in a significant reduction in constant irrigation water conservation water conservation also regulates humidity and creates an environment conducive to plant growth and development within the nets.
  • They are both affordable and long-lasting.

Considerations when selecting Shade Nets

  • Crop type/crops planted
  • Crop/crops planted age
  • Your location’s climatic conditions
  • Budget
Our nets are available in the following specifications:
  1. Color: either black or green
  2. Color: either black or green  4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length) (length)
  • Density/ultraviolet-filtration density: 35%, 55%, 60%, 75%, and 90%

Crops grown under shade net

Shade is applicable to growing tree and vegetable seedlings, flowers, foliage plants, medicinal plants, spices, and tissue culture plants. Our nets can also be useful as car parking shades, chicken shades, and for other similar purposes. Net farming can also be applicable to cultivating crops like strawberries or starting a profitable nursery business. They are also important because they serve as greenhouse nets.



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