Steel/ Galvanized Greenhouses

Buy steel greenhouses at Aqua Hub Kenya with the following features:

  • Metallic Structure
  • Water Tank (*Excluding the tank tower)
  • Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Filtration Unit
  • Polythene Sheeting
  • Insect Netting
  • Main Pipe & Fittings
  • Tank Connection




Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best quality Steel/ Galvanized Greenhouses for Kenyan farmers at affordable prices. We are competitive and match the market structure in the Kenya Agriculture sector. At AQUA HUB KENYA, we used the latest designs and structures because we have embraced learned engineers in the field. Our greenhouses are durable, and we guarantee farmers up to 10 years of steady production with our greenhouses.

Greenhouse sizes in Kenya by AQUA HUB KENYA.

Our greenhouse size depends on the farmer’s needs on the market. We are tailor-made to suit their needs and specifically the area in question.

  • 8M by 9M
  • 8M by 15M
  • 8M by 20M
  • 8M by 24M
  • 8M by 30M
  • 16 M by 30 M

Greenhouse construction by Aqua Hub is a quick and sure process. We execute our projects using the minimum time possible from 2 days to 6 days depending on the project size and design structures.

Steps to Acquire Greenhouse in Kenya

  • Conduct pre-visit

This is necessary for accuracy in the quotation and materials required, depending on the topography and other factors from the site. Collection of soil samples for soil testing is also done at this stage. We advise our farmers to conduct soil testing for the purpose of identifying mineral richness also if there exist bacterial or fungal infections in the soil.

  • Greenhouse Construction

After the agreement from the first meeting with our clients, we proceed to the next stage, that’s the project execution stage. The farmer needs to give us some period to do fabrication of greenhouse if it’s steel / Galvanized greenhouse. It usually takes 2 -3 days to do fabrication and deliver a greenhouse as required by the farmer. We give quality Greenhouses in Kenya and East Africa at large.

  • Greenhouse Commissioning and Transplanting

After delivering the greenhouse, we guide farmers on transplanting all through to the harvesting phase at an extra cost depending on the scope of farmers’ requirements.

Components of our Greenhouses 

  • Greenhouse Polythene (UV Treated, 200 microns) is available in yellow, clear and milky white
  • Tank Connection with control Valves
  • Filtration Unit (Which can be screen filters or Disc Filters)
  • Water Tank (*Excluding the tank tower)
  • Greenhouse Insect Netting for Ventilation
  • Drip Irrigation Kit (Drip lines with connectors, Main Pipes and Sub Main Pipes)

Steel/ Galvanized Greenhouses are available at  AQUA-HUB KENYA. Reach to us through:

NAIROBI : 0790719020 | ELDORET : 0759372241



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