Anti-Bird Nets Application in Kenya
Anti-bird Nets

Anti-bird nets are woven nets that provide barriers to birds that feed on crops at the farm. Birds commonly feed on vegetables, field crops, and fruits thus causing a reduction in yield.

Bird nets are environment-friendly solutions because they provide non-harmful protection. The material does not harm the birds in any way, it only prevents entry to the crop field.

How Bird Nets Work

Anti-bird nets are suitable for high-value bird-prone fruits such as apples and strawberries. The materials have mesh sizes that prevent smaller birds from getting into the fruit fields.

Pollination will occur normally as wind and rain can penetrate through the material of the bird net. Small insects can still enter through the holes to enhance cross-pollination.

How to Install Anti-Bird Nets

You can install a anti-bird nets on your farm in various methods. Some can be permanent (long-term structures) or temporary structures.

Simple Bird Net Draping Over Crops

The simple or temporary method involves draping the nets over the crops. You may need to use hooks or stones to hold the net onto the ground. This method is suitable for crops that are not so tall.

Individual Draping Over Fruits

For fruits or large plants with large spacing between them, individual bird netting is applicable. It involves covering each fruit tree with its net during the flowering stage. The net needs to be held onto the ground not so tightly.

Suitable for apples, oranges or grapes.

Bird Net Installation with Support Structures

It involves a permanent or semi-permanent construction of wooden or metallic structures to hold the bird nets. It is good for closely spaced and tall crops to enhance effective covering and plant growth.

Poles are erected and fixed using nails or bolts then a bird net is attached all over the structure.

You can remove the net during harvesting.

Do You Need a Bird Net? Get Help To Get the Best Net?

  • Choosing a bird net material could be easier with our helpful guide to an effective material for your crop use.
  • We have the best bird nets to use for agricultural growing purposes of protecting crops.
  • To get a good bird net consider Aqua Hub Nets since they are UV-treated and capable of lasting for a long time.
  • Another important consideration is the size of the net. The net needs to seal all the holes or gaps that can allow the entry of birds.
  • Color can also be a matter of choice depending on crop types. While white and green colors are available, crops with less temperature requirements require bright colors.

 Where to Use Bird Nets

Bird nets are applicable for various purposes.  They can be used in agriculture, aquatic purposes, domestic uses, and poultry farming.

Applications of Bird Nets in Agriculture

The common use in agriculture is the protection of fruits and vegetables from bird attacks.


Apples, oranges, bananas, Pears, Berries (Strawberries, raspberries & Blueberries), Papaya and Citrus fruits require bird netting.


Vegetable Crops for example Kales, Kunde, Spinach, tomato, and Kunde.

Other Crops

Legumes and Grains: sorghum, Corn, Beans, Peas, Wheat, Millet and

Applications of Bird Nets as Fishpond Barriers

Bird Nets can be used to keep away predator birds such as falcons, eagles, and crows from eating fish.

The nets can also protect other animals from falling or polluting the pond water. It keeps away materials and other objects from entering the fishponds.

Prevents Birds from Polluting Balconies

Bird nets can work as barriers to keep birds from balconies and rooftops. Draping bird nets over spaces on the balconies and veranda can reduce bird droppings on the building.

Keeps Domestic Birds Safe from Predators

Anti-bird Nets are also strong and effective for making poultry farm structures. They are ideal for sealing the walls of a Poultry farmhouse. They allow air and sunshine for poultry birds during the day and keep eagles, squirrels, and falcons away.

Chicken, Ducks, Goose, Quails, doves, and Rabbits can be kept in bird net structures. Such structures should be adjacent to permanent houses that house them at night.

Acts as Fences in Parks, Gardens, and Backyards.

Bird Nets are affordable, durable, and convenient options for making a physical barrier to places that require restriction. The nets are only good for temporary fences.

Can Also work in Greenhouses and Shade houses

They are installed in the side walls to act as side nets. On this application, they allow ventilation as well as bird protection.

Common Prices of Bird Nets in Kenya

We sell our Bird Nets in Kenya at full rolls or dimensions of square meters. The cost of 1 square meter is KES 65/=.

Bird Net Suppliers in Kenya

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