Quality Insect Net Applications in Kenya 2024
Quality insect net

Keeping insects and birds challenging? Find a perfect solution to insect damage on your crops with Aqua Hub’s Quality Insect Net Materials.

Unveiling the Reason for Applying Insect Nets

It is daunting to accept huge post-harvest losses that occur from high insect activity on crops. While several preventive methods exist, it is best to apply insect nets. The use of nets does not cause harmful environmental effects associated with pesticides.

Insect Net Technical Information

  • Insect nets are available in different colors. The most common colors are black, white, and green.
  • Available in dimensions of 3 by 50 meters, 2.5 by 50 m, and 2.5 by 100 meters.
  • The mesh size of an insect net is approximately 40%.
  • Suitable for insect-prone crops such as tomatoes, vegetables, and fruits.

Reasons for Aqua Hub Shade Net Rolls

Our insect nets have versatile applications. You can choose to use it for a specific application in the protection of crops on your farm.

The insect nets only shield insects and birds

Mesh sizes vary with the type of insects to shield against, and thus easy to find the correct net for use.

Our nets are made of high-quality, new materials, which makes them durable.

We supply environmentally friendly nets, which can always be reusable. The insect net materials do not release harmful chemicals to the environment.

Nets offer sustainable solutions to insect activity as they lower reliance on pesticides.

What You Should Put in Mind when Choosing an Insect net

Consider the size of the insect net. Identify the suitable size of a net that fits your crop field.

Another important factor to consider is the material of the net. Choose UV-treated nets to be sure of longevity.

Always consider the quality before making a purchase decision. You can identify quality by looking at certain features such as material, texture, mesh structure, and supplier reputation. Choose well-known and legitimate brands to entrust with your money. At Aqua Hub, we guarantee you Value for your money with our quality-purpose insect nets.

More importantly, seek to find the price of the insect net before making an order. This makes it easier to find the right net that matches your budget. Don’t spend all you have on the net as you still will incur the cost of installing it.

Advantages of Applying Insect Nets

Cost Reduction

Insect nets are cheaper alternatives to other insect protection methods. Pesticides are expensive to buy, especially for large farms. Once you buy and install a net, you will use it for a long time without incurring any cost.

Quality Harvest

Lack of insect action on crops means quality harvest. Insect nets keep insects away from the crop fields thus quality yield.

Versatile Applications

Our insect netting materials can be used for a variety of applications. Apart from crop protection, nets can also act as crop fences to keep birds and small animals away.

Resistance to Corrosion

Insect nets are products of Polyethylene plastic materials. Such plastics do not react with water and atmospheric conditions.

Resistance to UV radiation

UV treatment makes our insect nets stronger and more operational for a long time.

Easier Installation

Insect nets are easy to install and use.

Disease and Pest Control

With effective smaller mesh levels, our nets enhance higher pest protection. This lowers the rate of disease transfer by insects and pests.

Climate Regulation

Insect nets have some impact on sunlight and wind reduction in crop fields. The material traps some sunlight and allow air exchange to enhance the optimum temperature for crop growth.

Purpose of Insect Nets

  1. Insect nets are environment-friendly ways of preventing insect activity on crops.
  2. Protecting fishponds and pools from animals, birds, and human pollution.
  3. You can use quality net  in gardens to protect fruits. Draping them over fruits
  4. Use in greenhouses as ventilation covers.
  5. Provides insect-proof surfaces in solar dryer shelves.

Prices of Quality Insect Net in Kenya

Quality Insect Nets are available at affordable prices in Aqua Hub Kenya.  We have all the solutions you need.

The cost of insect net in Kenya is KES 110 per square meter.

Quality Insect Net Vendors in Kenya

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