How to Maintain Lawns with Rainbird Sprinkler Systems
Rainbird Sprinkler Systems

It is a challenge for every lawn owner to conduct uniform irrigation of their lawns with traditional methods. To avoid overwatering and under watering, automated Rainbird Sprinkler Systems are the ideal solutions.

Acquiring a Rainbird Lawn sprinkler system improves irrigation efficiency and helps save much water.

Features of Rainbird Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation inclined to the weather conditions

The sprinkler systems irrigate according to the weather data provided by sensors.

Remote control

Sprinkler controllers have Wi-Fi modules that allow them to be controlled remotely through smartphone or tablets.


The control unit sends alerts of irrigation schedule, changes in flow rates and any system failure.

Adjustable Sprinkler heads

Rainbird sprinkler heads have adjustable spray radius. You can increase the radius of spray to cover wider areas.

Automatic rise and Retraction

the sprinkler heads pop out of the ground on the onset of irrigation and falls back once done.

Quality and durable components

The control unit, sensors and sprinkler heads are effective and high-quality brands. The rainbird sprinkler system is highly durable and resistant to weather conditions, corrosion, and mechanical damage.

How Rainbird Lawn Sprinkler System Works

The system consists of integrated units, control unit, sensors, and sprinkle head connections.

Control Unit

Control units control the functioning of the system, with programmed data to guide the irrigation. You manually set the preferred irrigation schedule for manual controllers. For smart controllers, sensors detect the weather and data to determine the rate of irrigation.


Sensors detects moisture level of the soil and signals the control unit on whether to start, stop or skip irrigation. For instance, if the sensors detect low moisture level, the system will start irrigation.

Sprinkler Heads

Rainbird sprinkler heads allow efficient watering of lawns through pop-up and retraction of the head. The sprinkler head allows rotation of the head while distributing water at equal rates. The pop-up technique occurs due to spring attached inside and is triggered by force of water. Once irrigation is done, the spring contracts and the sprinkler head retracts.

Rainbird Sprinkler Systems

Benefits of Rainbird Lawn Sprinklers

  • The rainbird sprinklers automatically irrigate the lawns and thus reduces labour cost of irrigation.
  • Maximum water use efficiency as the system is set to irrigate for a duration of time, water does not go to waste.
  • Rainbird sprinklers have adjustable heads for increasing or reducing the radius of flow.
  • Remote control through a smartphone or device at any location even a kilometre away. You don’t have to be around for irrigation to take place.

Maintenance and troubleshooting a Rainbird Sprinkler System

  1. If you encounter Wi-Fi connection problems or slow connection.
  2. Sensors may fail to provide accurate data.
  3. Clogging of the sprinkler head can tamper with water release.
  4. Controllers need an update.

Choosing Rainbird Lawn Sprinkler System

  • Consider the size of your lawn field to calculate your required number of rainbird sprinklers.
  • Identify the best supplier of rainbirds to get brand and quality sprinklers.
  • Put into consideration your budget when choosing the sprinkler system you need.
  • Consider size, flow rate and pressure requirement to ensure compatibility to the system.

How to Troubleshoot a Rainbird Lawn Sprinkler System

  1. Use a strong Wi-Fi signal to ensure proper function of the system.
  2. Always purchase quality controllers and sensors and ensure proper configuration of the system.
  3. Open the sprinkler heads to remove dirt and silt particles.
  4. Always turn on notification updates and run the latest updates on the Sprinkler controller software.

Where to Get Rainbird sprinklers in Kenya

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