Drip Irrigation for Tomatoes in Kenya
Drip Irrigation for Tomatoes

Tomato farming faces more challenges and requires a lot of care to get maximum fruit harvest. Drip irrigation for tomatoes is a better choice of irrigation for better production and efficiency.

How to Increase Tomato Production Through Irrigation  

Control of pest, disease, and irrigation levels are the factors that need to be considered to optimize better production. Tomatoes develop healthy, juicy, and big fruits when the right amount of water is available.

Therefore, the choice of a better irrigation system and following the right practices are crucial for effective tomato farming.

Best Irrigation System for Tomato

Watering tomatoes requires a method of precision and high efficiency in water control. Drip is the most efficient way to use for irrigation of tomatoes. It allows uniform supply of water and nutrients to tomato plants.

Drip irrigation systems can work in any environment or farm setup. You can easily access drip irrigation systems at affordable prices on the market.

Drip Irrigation for Tomatoes

How drip Irrigation works

The system of drip irrigation is made up of pipe and fittings connection on different farm sections. Water flows from the source to drip lines where water reaches tomato plants through emitter holes.

Water flows to the soil base dropwise by gravity. The droplets can vary in size depending on size of emitter holes or diameter of the pipe.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation for Tomato

Drip irrigation for tomatoes provides many advantages to growers which improves the overall agricultural and economic sustainability. They include.

Maximum Water Conservation

Drip irrigation saves more than 40 percent water unlike overhead sprinkler irrigation. Ideally, water not reaching the plant lines means lower usage. You can thus remain with more water to cater for long time of irrigation.

Improve Yields

Since less water flows to the roots, the soil remains less compact. This results in a better tomato root network and better production due to sufficient water and nutrients.

Lower Disease and Pest Effect

Tomato plants are sensitive to fungal infections that develop with humid conditions. Water contact on the leaves can lead to leaf and fruit rot.

However, with drip irrigation allows water to the root bases and lowers the chance of disease infection.

Fertilizer efficiency

Fertilizer injection systems can be connected to drip irrigation systems to allow supply of soluble fertilizer. The supply of fertilizers through a drip irrigation system allows uniform flow to each tomato plant.

Aqua Hub Drip Irrigation System

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Tips to enhance efficiency of Tomato Irrigation

  1. Obtain a routine or schedule for irrigation of your tomatoes to avoid excessive or less watering.
  2. Regular monitoring of pipes and accessories to ensure they are operational.
  3. Repair or replacement of faulty fittings or pipes.
  4. Checking the soil moisture levels to ensure irrigation is sufficient.
  5. Applying smart technology of automated controllers to enhance high efficiency of tomato irrigation.

How much does it cost to Buy Drip Kits in Kenya?

Drip Kits cost vary according to the farm or size of the field you are planning to irrigate.

Common sizes are shown in the table below;

Size / Lines Per Bed 1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines
1 Acre 65,000 95,000 130,000
1/2 Acre 30,000 45,000 60,000
1/4 Acre 16,000 25,000 35,000
1/8 Acre 10,000 15,000 20,000

Where to Get Drip Irrigation Kits for Tomatoes in Kenya

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