Tomato Drip Kits
Tomato Drip Kits

Tomato Drip Kits in Kenya offer an efficient and a cost-effective solution for small scale tomato farmers.

Aqua Hub Tomato Drip Kit

Aqua Hub Kenya supplies irrigation systems, mainly drip irrigation systems and kits at affordable prices.

Our Tomato drip kit consists of necessary drip lines, emitters, connectors, filters, stakes, and water distribution system.

How Efficient is Tomato Drip irrigation?

  • Drip irrigation is considered the best method of watering tomatoes and other plants. Tomato plants forms a tall growing stems and sometimes bushy leaves which require water application on the roots.
  • Water contact with the leaves and fruits can lead to fungal diseases and rotting of tomato fruits.
  • Additionally, irrigation using overhead and sprinkler methods could possibly break stems and leaves.
  • Drip irrigation enhances moisture availability in the soil at all times since you can irrigate frequently considering the moisture level desired.

Tomato Drip Kits

What are the Basic Requirements for Tomato Drip Irrigation?

  1. Drip hose or drip tape (16 mm Diameter)
  2.  PVC or HDPE pipes
  3. Control Valves
  4. Tank Connectors
  5. Screen filters
  6. Lay Fit fittings Elbow tape connector
  7. End plug

How do drip Kit components operate?

Drip Tape

Drip lines come with preinstalled emitters that are positioned in equally along the pipe to supply water to the plant lines.

Elbow Connectors
Connectors and stakes help in setting up the system securely to prevent leakages and water losses. Drip connections require elbow connectors for bends and T connectors for distribution lines.

Screen filters
Filters prevent clogging of emitters by trapping soil and dirt particles that could be available in water.

How to Set up Drip Irrigation Kit

Installing a tomato drip irrigation consists of steps which include:

  1. Choose a good site free of rocks and steep slopes.
  2. Cultivate land for planting.
  3. Soften the soil.
  4. Prepare beds of 1 M width. Raise the bed to a height of 1 ft to prevent flooding or water logging during rainy days.
  5. Prepare a 1 meter.
  6. Dig trenches 30 -50 cm deep on the edges of planting beds.
  7. Lay Mainline and sub mainline pipes on the trenches and make connection.
  8. Lay 2 drip lines of 30 cm spacing on the bed and connect to the sub main line.
  9. Test the connection.

Tomato Drip Kits

How can you benefit from Tomato Drip irrigation Kit?

Sustainable Tomato farming in areas with scarce water – As you know, drip irrigation reduces water consumption by up to 50 per cent thus less water is sufficient for a large tomato farm.
A tomato drip kit is simply in design and easier to use for small holder farmers who have little knowledge of how it works. Once we demonstrate how it works to our clients, they are ready to operate the irrigation system.
Tomato drip kit allows control water depth in soil and minimizes soil compactness which slows down root penetration.
Tomato drip kits allows for efficient and ease of supplying fertilizers to tomato plants. Soluble fertilizers are mixed with water and supplied through drip lines. This maintains a balance in the amount of fertilizer received by each individual plant.

How Much does it cost to buy a Tomato Drip Kit?

It depends on the supplier, sizes and farm size requirement of the drip Kits.
Aqua Hub Kenya sells tomato drip Kits as per the size of farm in acres and number of drip lines in a bed.
For an Acre of farm the cost is as follows:

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line 2 lines 3 Lines
1 acre 75,000 130,000 160000
1/2 acre 40,000 61,000 71,000
1/4 acre 28,000 40,000 50,000
1/8 acre 13,000 23,000 26,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Drip Irrigation increase tomato Yield?
Tomato yield can be increase by 30 percent compared to other methods of irrigation. Drip enhances maximum flower development and tomato fruit set. Fruits rarely rot or develop fungal infections.
What is the most sustainable irrigation system for Tomato plants?
Drip irrigation. Applying water to tomato plants is consistent and slow drops is sustainable, cheap, and economical.
What is the appropriate duration to irrigate tomatoes?
Appropriate time to water tomato plants is 30–50 minutes depending on the flow rate of the drip system.
What times should I irrigate tomatoes?
Morning hours. Avoid irrigating during hot or sunny hours.
When is the recommended period or time to stop tomato irrigation?
Stop irrigation when half of the tomato fruits have turned red.
What spacing is good for tomato?
Maintain a row spacing of 1.5 m and plant spacing of about 20-30 cm.