Plastic Impact Sprinklers in Kenya
Plastic Impact Sprinklers in Kenya

Plastic Impact sprinklers in Kenya are designed for irrigation with a pressure release of water through the nozzles in the spray head. Impact sprinklers are for overhead sprinkler irrigation with the water application normally above the crops.

Technical Data

  • 0 – 360-degree rotation
  • Available in sizes of ½, ¾, and 1-inch sizes
  • Spray radius of 12 – 26 m.
  • Pressure rating: 1.5 – 6 bar.
  • Flow rate ranges from 4-6 l/h depending on the size of the sprinkler head.

Plastic Impact Sprinklers in Kenya

Properties of Plastic Impact Sprinklers in Kenya

Plastic body surface of quality and hard material. The plastic body is UV treated and can withstand chemical reactions, UV rays and physical damage.

Stainless steel spring and pivot pin which does not rust or break easily due to non-reactive nature. The spring is useful for pushing back the sprinkler head back to the water stream when in action.

2–4 nozzles, 1 main that releases and smaller nozzles beneath it to cover the areas left by the main nozzle. The nozzles are installed on opposite sides to provide alternating throws which enhance efficiency and faster ground moistening.

Two removable end caps for closing threaded nozzles when you want to use two main nozzles to release water.

Female thread inlet part for letting in irrigation water into the sprinkler head. It has varying diameter size depending on the size of the sprinkler head.

Diffuser meant to increase water balance and efficiency to crops.

The nozzles have caps that are closed when irrigation is done to prevent insects from entering the nozzles.

Fibre washer that enhances smooth movement of the sprinkler head.

Which Crops are Ideal for impact Sprinklers?

Large scale commercial crops such as sugarcane, tea, wheat, barley, corn, bananas, and fruits such avocado, citrus, mangoes, and apples.

Sprinklers also work for irrigation of grasses and animal feeds like Napier, Bhoma rodes and star grass.

How to adjust the Spray Radius of an Impact Sprinkler

To increase the radius of flow, pull out the pin on the sprinkler head to allow complete release of water into the nozzles.

To reduce the spray radius, press the pin inside the sprinkler head to partially block the water release thus causing a low radius.

How do Plastic Impact Sprinklers Operate?

Water flows to the sprinkler head and leaves through the nozzles hitting the arms of the sprinkler. The force of water moves drives the arms away from the nozzle. As the arms rotate, the spring pulls it back to its original position causing the sprinkler head to turn back and forth. The resulting action is a release of water in the form of circular sprays.

Advantages of Plastic Impact Sprinklers

They are coupled with a long-lasting performance due to high quality plastic grade material. Water release encounters all the areas of the crop field at an equal rate of flow due to uniform speed of rotation. The pressure is constant in the sprinkler system thus enhancing uniform supply in the sprinkler heads.

The sprinkler heads are durable and reliable for long term production. Since the sprinkler heads are resistant to corrosion, they are reliable for crop irrigation in your field for the future.

Reduced inconveniences of crop drying, under irrigation or over irrigation due to ability to adjust the spray radius.

How to enhance smooth Operation of Plastic Impact Sprinklers

  • Ensure the operating pressure is directly proportional to the nozzle size. For a bigger nozzle size, the pressure of the system needs to be high as well.
  • Avoid use of sticky lubricants such as oil in moving parts. Oil can damage the fibre washers.
  • Install water filters to remove sand or particles in the water. This prevents the nozzles from clogging and thus uniform water supply.
  • Install the sprinkler head with a strong support stand to ensure stability.
  • Open the cap of the sprinkler head and nozzle to clean any debris when a lower spray radius is experienced.

Common Applications of Plastic Impact Sprinklers

  1. For irrigation of lawns and compounds. Impact sprinklers can release water to reach all parts of the lawn field through high flow rates.
  2. Watering vegetables, flowers, and potato fields.
  3. Irrigation of fruits gardens
  4. Watering seedlings and tree hedges

Prices of Plastic Impact Sprinklers in Kenya

The cost of impact sprinklers depends on the individual size. Can range from KES 650 to KES 2,000.

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