Sprinkler Prices in Kenya
Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Sprinkler Prices in Kenya range from KES 150- 15,000 depending on pressure and type, suppliers and manufacturers. The brand of a sprinkler determines its valuation or cost depending on the brand quality, performance, and durability of the brand sprinklers.
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What to Consider when Purchasing Sprinklers

Crop type

The overhead application of water to crops by sprinklers is not suitable for all types of crops. Since sprinkler irrigation wets the leaves, some crops such as tomato, onions, and capsicum. On the same note, specific crops have specific sprinkler pressure requirements. E.g., small crops such as vegetables are suitable for micro-sprinklers while tall crops such as sugarcane requires rain guns and impact sprinklers.

Soil Type

Some soils have higher capillarity than others. Consequently, some soils can hold water for a long time unlike other types of soils. Checking the Soil type is important to avoid erosion and soil leaching.

Water Availability

Sprinklers work under high pressure that ultimately releases high flow rates. Therefore, to use sprinklers for irrigation of your farms, you must ensure a consistent water supply. You can store water in large tanks or build dams near your farm to enhance the constant supply of water for crop irrigation.


The brand quality is important to check for enhanced durability and good operation of a sprinkler head. Always buy from trusted and most reputable companies, in which Aqua Hub is among them.


The pressure of a sprinkler head determines whether it is suitable for your crop type or farm. It will also determine the quantity you need for your farm size.

Sizes and Features of Various Sprinkler types

There are several sprinkler types of various sizes which are sold differently according to the size of the sprinkler head, pressure of flow or material type.

Rain Gun Sprinklers

Rain Gun Sprinklers are high pressure sprinklers made of brass or aluminium metals. They are available in diameter sizes are 32 mm, 50 mm, and 63 mm. They include flange, impact, and brass rain guns.

Impact Plastic sprinklers

Impact plastic sprinklers are overhead sprinklers of plastic materials. They operate under a pressure of 1.5- 5 bars and are available in inlet diameter sizes of 32 mm.

Sprinkler Prices in Kenya


Low pressure or micro-sprinklers are plastic or metallic sprinkles that operate under low pressure to produce smooth sprays of water. They work best in gardens, greenhouses, fields and shade houses for small crops and pot plants. The available sizes are normally ½ inches or 16 mm inlet diameter. Butterfly, sprinklers are the common micro-sprinklers available, with a 360° rotary plastic jet.

Lawn sprinklers

Lawn or pop-up Sprinklers are other sprinkler types normally suitable for lawns, parks and football or golf courses. Pop-up lawn sprinkler heads pop out to release water to grasses under high pressure and retract back to the ground once irrigation is done. The heads consist of hard plastic material and a spring combination that enhances the popping and retraction mechanism. Again, pop-up sprinklers are available in various sizes and inlet diameter sizes.

Sprinkler Prices in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Below are the current Sprinkler price in Kenya by Aqua Hub.

Type Size (inch/mm) Cost (KES)
Impact sprinkler ¾” 450
1″ 1,000
Pop-up Sprinkler ½” 2,900
¾” 4,200

Rain Guns

32 mm Rain Gun 5,000
50 mm Rain Gun 8,000
63 mm Rain Gun 15,000
Butterfly sprinkler ½” 150
Lawn Sprinklers ¾” 3,500

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