Anti-insect Nets in Kenya
Anti-insect Nets in Kenya

Anti-insect Nets in Kenya. Do you know that you can keep away pests and destructive insects from your crops without using chemicals? Chemicals are effective but are nowadays not recommended for preventing pests. Pesticides and chemicals contribute widely to soil and air pollution, factors which are entirely causing global warming and biodegradation.

Are you a greenhouse or garden farmer? Aqua Hub supplies anti-insect nets in Kenya which prevents insect damage on crops.

We have quality insect nets that are applicable in shade houses, greenhouses, and gardens.

Features of insect Nets

  • Made of Polythene plastic materials. Anti-insect nets are made of knitted plastic materials that have high tensile strength.
  • UV treated to withstand harsh weather and strong radiation.
  • White or Black colours available.
  • Light and flexible for any shape or structure.
  • Dimensions available 3 x 50m, 2.5 x 50 m, 2.5 x 100m and 5.5 x 30 m
  • You can cut an insect net into any size or dimension to fit your shade house or greenhouse.
  • Mesh levels 25%, 40% and 50%. The mesh level depends on the type of insect you want to keep away from your crops. 25-40% is good for fruit flies, beetles, and flies. 50% is suitable for small insects such as white flies and aphids.

Applications of Insect Nets

You can use insect nets as your greenhouse ventilation material or direct covers to field crops. The net has air spaces that allow air to pass through hence perfect ventilation materials. The net is also strong, and UV treated. It can withstand high radiation rates without fading or getting worn out. Its strength prevents wind or heavy rainfall damage.
Anti-insect nets provide a mesh surface that keeps away flies, worms, stalk borers, moths, beetles, and aphids from crops. Plants protected using insect nets develop and produce quality and large fruits, seeds are also viable. With limited use of pesticides, the soil organic matter will be less affected thus ensuring continuous high rate of production.

Insect Nets price in Kenya

 KES 110 per square meter.

Anti-insect Net Supplier in Kenya

We are the best anti-insect net supplier in Kenya. With the expertise in supply and construction we provide you with sustainable solutions to your agricultural needs.
Contact Aqua Hub Kenya for Quality insect nets at affordable price.
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