Insect Net Price in Kenya
Insect Net Price in Kenya

Insect Net Price in Kenya varies depending on the size required. All insect pests that attack growing crops at any stage are protected by our insect nets. We are one of the country’s top sellers and providers of bug nets. Our insect nets are of great quality and reasonably priced. It is appropriate for organic farmers since it reduces costs connected with pesticide use and time spent on farm spraying. Buy Insect Nets at affordable prices at Aqua Hub Kenya. Available in different sizes and textures.

Insect Nets?

Insect nets are used to keep pest insects out of greenhouses and net houses, therefore reducing crop damage. Anti-Insect Greenhouse Net is recommended for low-cost greenhouse and net house building. It has the potential to enhance vegetable yields by up to 40% while decreasing pesticide consumption by up to 80%. The Net is a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) net used for horticultural crop protection. Vegetables, fruit, and ornamentals alter microclimates and keep bug pests and birds at bay.

Features and specifications of insect nets?

  • There is UV therapy available. This prevents UV rays from bouncing off crops and causing the net to degrade quickly. The net has a six-year usable life.
  • White bug nets have a highly reflecting, insect repelling surface.
  • They come in two pore sizes: 0.4mm and 0.9mm. Although the former repels even the smallest insects, such as white flies, the latter’s pore size may not. For crops that such insects economically harm, agricultural insect nets with 0.4mm pore diameters are utilized. Two examples are tomato and sweet pepper. 0.9mm is useful in crops that do not attract white flies, such as herbs and tree crops. The 0.4mm net costs 20% more than the 0.9mm net.
  • Growers may select between two widths: 3 meters and 5.5 meters, depending on the size of their project.

What are the uses of insect nets?

  1. An insect net is a side netting in a greenhouse building that prevents insect pest invasion.
  2. Insect nets protect the airflow vents and also serve as a component of the shelf in solar dryers. On the shelf, to assist in the drying of little gains such as rice without them falling off.
  3. In your shade net residence: As a side netting for shade structures resembling greenhouses.
  4. To cover a fish pond: To cover a fish pond. In a fish pond or small to a medium-sized water reservoir, as a safety measure for children and pests.

What is Insect net price in Kenya?

 Size Price (Ksh)
2.5 x 50 m 10,000
2.5 x 100 m 20,000
3 x 50 m 13,200
5.5 x 30 m 12,375


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