Best Dam Liners in Kenya
Best Dam Liners in Kenya

Aqua Hub should be your first stop of call when searching for the Best Dam Liners in Kenya. We are the leading firm in Kenya and all of East Africa for the delivery and installation of high-quality dam liners. Because they last for many years, our dam liners for sale in Kenya are the most reliable. Water is gathered and stored for later use, mostly for irrigation, home usage, and cattle use, thanks to a dam liner. Large amounts of water from boreholes, wells, rivers, and runoffs are kept for distribution to the community thanks to water harvesting employing dam liners. We provide the greatest, most reasonably priced, and highest-quality dam liners for sale in Kenya.

Dam Liners in Kenya

We developed our dam liners to solve leaking and evaporation issues in dams and ponds. They are durable, reliable, and made to the specifications of the customer. Our dam liners are constructed to the exact specifications of the client and are created from strong, long-lasting materials to make your dam/pond a long-term property asset. Additionally, a lot of projects in the fields of agriculture, business, aquaculture, and mining use our dam liners. Our dam liners come in thicknesses of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm. They come in widths that match the reservoirs or tank’s size and form. They are UV-treated and black in hue.

What is the Specification of the best dam liners in Kenya?

  1. The dimensions of a geomembrane are 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, 1 mm, and 1.5 mm.
  2. The liners are 7 meters wide.
  3. The liners are between 50 and 100 meters long.
  4. It is UV stabilized and has a 30-year lifespan.
  5. Food-grade and suitable for water storage and fish ponds.

The lifespan of different dam liners

Thickness Lifespan
0.3 mm 5 – 10 years
0.5 mm 10 -15 years
0.75 mm 15 -20 years
1.0 mm 20 -30 years


Prices of dam liners in Kenya

Thickness Weight per meter square in Kgs Price in sq.m in KES
0.3 mm 0.35 kg 190
0.5 mm 0.46 kg 215
0.75 mm 0.88 kg 295
1 mm 0.91 kg 340


Where to buy Dam liners in Kenya

Visit AQUA-HUB KENYA NAIROBI : 0790719020 | ELDORET : 0759372241