Planting Trays
Planting Trays

The top provider of planting trays in Kenya is Aqua Hub Limited. In every part of Kenya, we provide planting trays. By using seedling trays, farmers may generate seedlings that are homogeneous, robust, and healthy, enabling field planting without upsetting the root system. Our seedling trays are made from PVC plastic that has undergone UV treatment. This prolongs their lifespan so that they may be easily regenerated following transplantation. They are available with holes ranging in size from 28 to 288 cells. You can use them to grow vegetables, tree seedlings, and other things.

Planting trays

Make use of seedling trays to achieve a 100% germination rate. Seedling trays are materials for holding seedlings from germination to transplantation. When planting seedlings, they provide you more depth for more soil volume, which makes it simpler to de-nest and saves you time and effort. Our planting trays are available in a range of colors and styles, including black and white, but the most widely used tray color is black.

Our trays meet the seed and cutting propagation demands of farmers. These planting trays are a cutting-edge method of propagation that is effective regardless of the setting. These products are mostly used for nursery propagation in greenhouses or shade buildings.

Importance of seedling trays?

  1. Excellent germination rate.
  2. Crops planted in germination trays mature more quickly because, following transplantation, they immediately take root.
  3. Improves root development and the risk of transplant shock greatly.
  4. Consistent harvesting as opposed to those cultivated directly in the soil.
  5. Ease of transportation.
  6. Lessen the occurrences of damping-off caused by excessive population and untreated soil.

Prices of seedling trays in Kenya

Number of cells Cost
50 140
72 140
128 140
200 140
288 140


Being the top provider of seedling trays in east Africa is something we take great pleasure in. This applies to both individual farmers and businesses that propagate seedlings for sale. For all propagation needs in East Africa, we provide premium seedling trays. All of our stores have these planting trays available. We deliver all throughout the area. Please get in touch with us at ELDORET: 0759372241 or NAIROBI: 0790719020.