Greenhouse Company in Kenya
Greenhouse Company in Kenya

Aqua Hub is a major greenhouse company in Kenya. As a greenhouse firm in Kenya, we offer the best services to our clients. Our greenhouses are both economically priced and of high quality. The determination of cost and price of our greenhouses in Kenya is by the unit’s size, design, and construction materials. Based on this, we also have the option of purchasing a low-cost timber greenhouse, commonly known as a wooden greenhouse in Kenya. Alternatively, an expensive steel greenhouse is available.

Why choose Aqua Hub Greenhouse Company in Kenya?

We provide metal and wood greenhouses in a variety of designs and sizes. Metal greenhouses are tunnel-shaped, whereas wooden greenhouses are A-framed. Our greenhouses include 4.5-meter-tall frames manufactured of high-quality materials for long-term use. We hence build greenhouses to meet certain climatic conditions.

In hotter climates, we cover greenhouse buildings with nets to allow for ventilation. We also wrap the majority of the surface in polythene to assist maintain heat in chilly climates. Aqua Hub greenhouse polythene has a 6-year lifetime and a 3-year manufacture guarantee. We also utilize three layers of polythene in our covering to aid with heat retention. They contain UV protection, air pockets, and Antidrip features to resist the harshest sunlight.

Greenhouse Installation process

Prior to greenhouse construction, we inspect the site.

A pre-greenhouse survey is required to assess the availability of water, soil type, installation site, windbreaker availability, and property history.

Soil analysis for greenhouse gases.

At Aqua Hub, we do two types of soil tests for our farmers. This examination includes pathological and nutritional evaluations. To get the most out of their greenhouse investments, farmers should do a soil test. This is to evaluate the fertilizer regime and soil-borne pathogen accessibility.

Greenhouse installation

On the third day following receiving a client’s order, we process and deliver. We install based on the preferences of the customer. We also offer greenhouses in a range of sizes and costs. Installation might take three to seven days, depending on the size and environmental factors.


The stage to which a farmer wants us to advance determines production. In most cases, our greenhouses come with training and follow-up visits. We provide our farmers with excellent agronomic advice and ongoing monitoring till harvest. We also offer chemicals, soil-specific fertilizers, and nursery starter kits.

Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

We have greenhouses in a variety of sizes. The sizes for both wooden and aluminum greenhouses range from 8 15 m to 8 24 m to 8 30 m. The cost varies depending on the size and kind of greenhouse.

Size Basic Standard Premium
8×15 225,000 250,000 280,000
8×24 240,000 282,000 298,000
8×30 340,000 375,000 410,000
10×30 420,000 492,000 517,000
16×30 690,000 722,000 765,000


Materials for Greenhouse construction

The majority of wooden greenhouses are constructed using poles. The poles must be treated with a wood preservative or oil before use. In addition, cement, sand, insect net, barbed wire for trellising, and nails are needed to construct a wooden greenhouse. Additional greenhouse components include a drip watering system and UV-treated polyethylene greenhouse coverings. Contrarily, metal greenhouses can be made entirely of galvanized steel or coated to prevent corrosion.

The greenhouse has to have effective ventilation to prevent the crops from suffocating. Additionally, ventilation prevents the accumulation of diseases and pests. Roll-up or side curtains are used for this, which are opened during the hottest times of the day and closed at night. In order to let air in while preventing insects and other pests from getting inside, it is built with a net on the inside.

Looking for a greenhouse company in Kenya? Look no further. Aqua Hub Limited is a well-known and highly recommended dealer and national greenhouse enterprise in Kenya. If you want dam liner services, please contact us at NAIROBI: 0790719020 or ELDORET: 0759372241.