Irrigation Company in Kenya
Irrigation Company in Kenya

Aqua Hub Limited is a major irrigation company in Kenya. We offer you all of the irrigation supplies you may require for irrigation. The company can also assist you with the optimal type of irrigation for your specific needs. We also provide the best services to our clients as an irrigation company in Kenya. Our irrigation systems are both low-cost and high-quality. The cost and price of our irrigation systems in Kenya are also determined by the unit’s size, design, and kind of irrigation. Based on this, we also provide a variety of irrigation choices that may be suitable for the crops you desire to plant. We also have the best irrigation technicians in Kenya. The technicians also provide you with the basics of irrigation and also help you in the irrigation system installation.

Why is Aqua Hub the best Irrigation Company in Kenya?

For the purpose of increasing agricultural output for both small- and large-scale farmers in Kenya, Aqua Hub will go with you on your irrigation adventure. Our aim is for the nation’s agriculture to improve. We do this by giving you access to all the irrigation tools you require. Depending on the crop and location, we can also provide you advice on the best irrigation system. In addition, we also offer installation services for irrigation systems to farms.

One of the most crucial factors increasing agricultural output in Kenya and all of Africa is irrigation. At the time, many farmers rely on irrigation to increase agricultural production. This is a result of the unstable and continuously changing weather. The agricultural practice of providing controlled water applications to land to help in crop development is known as irrigation. We think irrigation will significantly benefit the nation’s agriculture industry. This is the reason we are traveling with the farmers. Providing them with all the irrigation equipment and knowledge they require.

Irrigation Material that We Supplier

We offer irrigation supplies for a variety of agricultural and landscaping applications. Lawns, golf courses, gardens, and expansive fields of agricultural crops are some examples. To meet the full range of irrigation demands, many types of irrigation equipment are available. Simple sprinkler systems for backyard gardening to enormous center-pivot irrigation systems for irrigating acres of crops are a few examples.

Aqua Hub provides all of Kenya’s irrigation facilities. We are a major supplier of irrigation equipment in Kenya. Drip kits, rain hose systems, rain gun sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and pop-up sprinklers are among the irrigation solutions we provide in Kenya. We also sell and install a wide range of irrigation equipment. Crop type, topography, water availability, location, and client budget are all factors to consider.

Some of the irrigation equipment include;

  1. Drip kits: For the irrigation of both fruit trees and vegetables, as well as forestry. Drip tape, 16 mm HDPE pipe, starter connectors, off-takes, drip to-drip connectors, button or online drippers, and end caps are all included in this.
  2. Rain hose kits: A rain hose pipe, off-takes, connections, and an end cap are all included in it.
  3. Sprinkler systems: Pop-up sprinklers, Rain gun sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and butterfly sprinklers

Types of Irrigation systems that we provide

  1. Drip irrigation systems
  2. Sprinkler irrigation systems
  3. Overhead irrigation systems
  4. Rain Pipe Irrigation System