Greenhouse Ventilation Nets
Greenhouse Ventilation Nets

Growing crops inside protected structures and buildings such as greenhouses, shade houses and protected gardens requires proper ventilation. Greenhouse ventilation nets are available at Aqua Hub Kenya for affordable costs. Get quality insect and Agricultural shade nets in Kenya from our shops today.

Why Greenhouse ventilation nets

The need for ventilation is to ensure that optimum temperature and growth conditions are available for proper yield. While enhancing good growth conditions, ventilation ensures less evaporation and prevents insects are kept away.

Ventilation spaces are normally on the rooftop or on the side walls depending on the design and orientation of the greenhouse structure.

Which Nets to Use for Ventilation

You can use either insect or shade nets to cover your ventilation spaces. Both works better as temperature regulators with air spaces that allow air exchange. They are both made of UV treated HDPE materials and can function for a long time.

Greenhouse Ventilation Nets

What is the Difference: Insect Nets and Shade nets

Insect nets strictly prevent insects and pests from your greenhouse and shade houses. Both can work as Ventilation nettings in your greenhouse structures.
However, shade nets may not keep away all insects since their mesh levels start from a bigger mesh size than that of insect nets.

Features of Greenhouse ventilation Nets

Insect Nets

  • To make your greenhouse insect proof or cover outdoor crops.
  • Mesh level of 25-40%.
  • High quality accurately woven netting with a long-life performance.
  • UV stabilized to resist radiation.
  • Maximum ventilation capacity and high transparency.
  • Excellent tear resistance and easy to fix inside and vent openings.

Shade Net

  • Protects your crop from excessive sunlight, wind, and hail.
  • Increased crop quality due to a better microclimate.
  • Made from knitted mono filament yarn.
  • UV stabilized and long-lasting quality.
  • Available in black and green colour.
  • Shades 35%, 55%, 75% and 90% mesh levels

How to Choose a Greenhouse ventilation net

To identify the perfect net for your structure, consider the following factors:

Size of your structure

The size of your greenhouse or shade house will determine the type of agricultural net to use.
For essence a large greenhouse needs a large ventilation space, hence insect nets are better to use.
Similarly, shade houses require a large or entire structure to allow sunlight regulation and air entry, therefore you are better with a shade net.

Type of Crop

Some crops are suitable for greenhouses while others require cool shade conditions for growth. Temperature requirement in crops vary, and the mesh level guarantees the temperature regulation level. The crop you are growing will determine the percentage and type of netting to buy.

Greenhouse design

The design of the greenhouse matters on where to place the ventilation. Some greenhouses have ventilation on the walls while others have vents on the rooftops. The position of the ventilation determines the rate of sunlight and insects to regulate.

Mesh Level

The percentage of sunlight and insect regulation determines the net to purchase. The mesh sizes are available from 35, 55, 75 and 90% for shade nets and 40 % for insect nets.

Applications of  Ventilation Nets

  1. Temperature regulation in greenhouses and shade houses
  2. Insect prevention in greenhouses and garden backyards
  3. Prevention of insects in solar dryers
  4. Ventilations in greenhouse solar dryers and stores
  5. Garden fencing
  6. Shade nets work in car parks as sunlight regulators
  7. Fish farming for prevention of predator birds

Prices of Greenhouse Ventilation Nets in Kenya

The cost of insect nets in Kenya is KES 110 per square meter.
Shade nets costs vary depending on the percentage of sunlight penetration level.

Shade net percentage Price (KES)
35 % 16,000
55 % 18,000
75 % 25,000
90 % 36,000

Where to Get Affordable Prices of Greenhouse Nets in Kenya

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