Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water pump prices in Kenya are affordable for available sizes at Aqua Hub LTD. We sell quality and trusted brands of water supply pumps.

Do you need pressure to supply water to your storage tanks dams or directly to your farms? If pressure is needed, then you must purchase a pump to enhance water pumping and delivery to either of the scenarios below.

Pumps: Catering for effective pumping needs

Pumps are effective for pumping water at any required pressure. Besides, pumps distribute water despite the shape or terrain of the land so long as they meet the right pressure. You can draw water from a well, river or dam using a pump.

Categories of Water Pumps for irrigation

Submersible Pumps

Pumps that work while completely submerged in water. The design is different, in a way that the motor is completely covered to prevent contact with water to avert damage.
It normally works in wells, and boreholes where non-submersible big pumps have less suction height, way below the depth of water.

Non-submersible Pumps

Pumps that are not submersible in water.

Self-priming pumps

Pumps above the fluid level admit air into the suction line, which must be drained or displaced before the pump can move the liquid. Self-priming pumps can remove the air at startup before starting their typical pumping operations.

Types of Pumps

Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are either petroleum diesel or electric. Petroleum pumps use petrol to generate that pumps water. Similarly, diesel pumps work with diesel fuel while electric pumps require electric power to pump water.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps use electricity to run the motor which generates power. Petroleum pumps are more efficient than diesel pumps but more costly to purchase and operate.
Electric pumps are the most effective pumps, despite being more costly to maintain. The motors and rotary pumps often get worn out easily unlike fuel pumps.

Solar Pumps

Solar water pumps use solar power to supply water to the point of use. They are connected to solar power systems that consist of solar panels and energy storage devices, cables and solar inverters.

What to Consider when Purchasing Water Pump

To choose the right pump for your irrigation and domestic pumping needs, we are here to help you consider the best pump. The factors to consider are pressure rating, source of water, cost, suction head, and durability.

Source of water

The source of water will determine the type of pump and suction height of the pump you need.

Pressure Rating

Pressure rating and suction head dictates the type and size of the pump you need for your irrigation needs.

Durability of Pumps

Pumps have different durability levels depending on the engine type and maintenance. Durability is important as a factor that lowers the cost of maintenance.
Petrol pumps are more durable than diesel and electric pumps.

Water Pump prices in Kenya

The cost of water pumps varies depending on the sizes and brands of pumps.

Our available pump brands cost the following prices

Model/ Brand of the Pump Size of the Pump (inches) Price (KES.)
 AICO 2″                                   18,000.00
AICO 3″                                   20,000.00
HONDA 2″                                   40,000.00
HONDA 3″                                   43,000.00

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