Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Water Pump Prices in Kenya

The water pump prices in Kenya range from Ksh 5,500 to around Ksh 80,000. The prices vary according to the kind and grade of the pump. Aqua Hub is Kenya’s leading supplier of agricultural water pumps. Our water pumps expel irrigation water at high pressure. We categorize them based on their role, location, and power. We are the top provider of well-known water pump brands in the country. Aqua hub offers a diverse selection of water pumps to meet a wide range of applications and demands. Furthermore, we have been in the industry for a long time, and with our expertise and experience, we have the potential to become a top water pump provider both locally and regionally. In Kenya, we offer the most economical water pump prices.

Water pumps in Kenya

An electromechanical device called a water pump increases the pressure of the water so that it may be moved from one place to another. Everywhere around the globe, modern water pumps are used to supply water for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and residential applications. Water pumps are also used in sewage treatment facilities to move wastewater. Although they can also be driven by diesel or gasoline engines, modern water pumps are frequently powered by electricity. In certain remote locations, like the desert, modest pumps may be powered by solar panels.

Water pumps come in a number of styles. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pump. One thing is certain: water pumps are primarily used to reduce downtime due to heavy rains and to transport water from one location to another.

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

The prices of water pumps in Kenya depend on the type and power of the pump. Our prices range from Ksh 5,500 to around Ksh 80,000. The higher the cost the more powerful the water pump is.

Model Type Price (Ksh)
AICO ACP80 Petrol 16,500
AICO ACP50H2 High Pressure Petrol 28,500
Honda WL20XY Petrol 34,000
Honda WP40 Petrol 84,500
Pacwell LT30hd High Pressure Diesel 72,500
Pacwell LT20hd High Pressure Diesel 54,500
Pacwell 80kb Diesel 48,500
Stallion Germany Diesel High Pressure Water Pump Diesel 77,500
Pedrollo PKm60 Electric 9,000
AICO Akp60 Electric 5,500
AICO Akp70 Electric 7,500
AICO 0.5hp deep well  Electric 19,500
AICO 3.0hp deep well  Electric 34,000
AICO 4.0hp deep well  Electric 65,000


Considerations when purchasing a water pump

Knowing one’s needs can assist in determining which pump characteristics are most important to them and, thus, how much one should pay for the pump. In the Kenyan market, there are many different types, producers, and brands of pumps. Some of the qualities you should look for are listed below:

  1. Flow rate
  2. The pump pressure
  3. Quality of the pump
  4. Power

A poor pump buy might cost you money. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate water pump for your needs. Furthermore, we will aid you in picking the best brand in the desired category from among the numerous options available countrywide. Our phone numbers are 0759372241 in ELDORET and 0790719020 in NAIROBI.