Water Pumps for Irrigation
Water Pumps for Irrigation

Aqua Hub Limited, a prominent provider of water pumps in Kenya, offers the broadest assortment of water pumps for irrigation. Our Kenyan water pumps for sale spew irrigation water when put under more pressure. To provide the finest water pump in Kenya, we categorize them according to their purpose, location, and power. Pumps power the vast majority of irrigation systems. For an irrigation system to be as efficient as possible, the pump must be chosen to satisfy the water supply, water distribution system, and irrigation equipment requirements.

Water Pumps for Irrigation

Around the world, people are now converting from rain-fed agriculture to irrigation. This is due to the fact that climate change periodically causes rain-fed agriculture to fail. An irrigation system allows a farmer to gather crops all year round. Three factors are significantly responsible for an irrigation system’s efficacy. These are the water source, the water pump, and the water delivery system. Pumps used for irrigation are particularly significant. This is because it would be complicated to transport water from the source to the areas where your crops are grown without them.

In general, there are two groups of pumps. Water can be moved using centrifugal or positive displacement pumps. The main difference between these two kinds of pumps is whether or not the pump applies pressure to the water as it leaves the pump using pistons or impellers.

Water pumps for irrigation that use petrol, diesel, and the solar

When buying pumps for irrigation, it’s also important to consider the pump’s energy source. You have the option of solar or fossil fuel-powered irrigation water pumps. The issue is that diesel and petroleum water pumps seem to be cheap. This results from their reasonable initial purchasing cost. Despite this, due to their short lifespan and high operational costs, they are expensive in the long run. Solar-powered water pumps have the benefit of low running costs. One disadvantage of these pumps’ dependency on solar energy for functioning is the fact that they are quite expensive to buy.

Irrigation Water Pumps, Surface and Submersible

You need to decide whether to use surface or submersible pumps when purchasing a pump for your irrigation system. Surface pumps are appropriate when the water source is a dam, lake, river, or shallow borehole. These pumps cannot pump water from deep wells or boreholes. If your borehole is deeper than seven meters, you should utilize a submersible pump.
The fact that we have these two types of pumps is an advantage of placing your order with our company. We also understand that farmers aren’t always clear about what kind of irrigation water pumps they require. As a result, our professionals are always happy to offer professional advice when making such an important decision.