Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya
Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya

Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya will vary depending on shade rate filtering and length required. Shade net costs range from Ksh 13,000 to Ksh 30,000 for a 4M*50M shade net. Our nets provide 30%-90% shade and are utilized in greenhouses for decorative horticulture, coffee seedling cultivation, and under certain conditions, vegetable production. The Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya differs between those with 30% filtration and those with 90% filtration. Prices climb as the rate of shade net filtration increases—our shade net measures 4M*50M.

Shade Nets in Kenya

Shade netting is a great technique to minimize the intensity of the sun and so create a cooler environment. It is used in greenhouses as well as sitting areas. In Kenya, there are several shade nets to choose from, which might be confusing, especially if you don’t know how much sunlight is blocked by the net. To satisfy a range of needs, shade nets block a specified amount of solar intensity. Most fruits, for example, require more sunlight than others. However, you do not want the plants to receive all of the sunlight intensity throughout the day. To get the finest shade net Kenya, first, estimate how much sunlight you need to be blocked.

In Kenya, the availability of agro shade nets ranges from 30% to 90%. The % abbreviation indicates the mesh rate provided by the nets. Our nets have the following vital characteristics:

  1. UV Treated (5 years Guarantee).
  2. They are available in green or black.
  3. Offered in 35%, 55%, 75%, & 90%.
  4. Standard lengths of 50 meters and 100 meters, and widths of 4 meters.
  5. On the customers’ request, shade nets can be knit according to specific client requirements.

Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya

For 35% shading, shade nets cost Ksh. 70 per square meter; for 55% shading, Ksh. 85; for 75% shading, Ksh. 105; and for 90% shading, Ksh. 160.

Shade Rate (Filtration in %) Colour Measurements Price per sqm in Ksh.
35 % Black & Green 4 m x 50 m 70/-
55% Black & Green 4 m x 50 m  85/-
75% Black & Green 4 m x 50 m 105/-
90% Black & Green 4 m x 50 m 160/-

The Shade Net Price and Cost in Kenya might also vary depending on the filtration rate and overall size of 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length).

Shade rate (Filtration rate %) Length (meters) Price (KSH)
35% 4 x 50 13,000
55% 4 x 50 16,000
75% 4 x 50 19,000
90% 4 x 50 30,000

In Kenya, we also have shade net price and cost based on farm size. In the majority of cases, we provide costs for various shade net filtration rates per acre.

Filtration rate % Color Cost per Acre (Ksh)
35% Black & Green              295,000
55% Black & Green              352,500
75% Black & Green              410,200
90% Black & Green              696,500

Aqua Hub Kenya is a well-known provider, dealer, and installer of shade nets. Green and black shade netting is available. We have offices in both Nairobi and Eldoret. We are a reliable provider of agricultural products and management services. For more information, please call 0790719020.


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