Onion Farming in Kenya by Aqua Hub
Onion Farming in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Onions are among the most profitable vegetables grown in Kenya.
Onion farming in Kenya is suitable in soils and environmental conditions of most parts of the country.

Best Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Seeds Onion Seeds in Kenya

Hybrid onion seeds – Includes Neptune F1, Jambar F1 and Red star F1.
Non -Hybrid seeds – Includes Red Creole, Red Pinnoy F1 and Bombay red.

Features of Common Onion Varieties

Onion Species Colour Maturity


Yield per Acre (tons) Storage Period
Red Creole Red 150 16 5–6 months
Bombay Red Purple Red 150 16 5–6 months
Red Star F1 Dark Red 110-120 16 5 months
Neptune F1 Red bulb 110-120 16 5–6 months
Texas Grano White 120 21 5
Tropicana F1 Deep Red 90-100 25 5

Advantages of Propagating Hybrid Onion Seeds

  • Lower disease and pest attack on Crops – Hybrid seeds are resistant to pest and disease activity. This means you will achieve greater yield in Production.
  • Highly Profitable – Hybrid seeds are more productive as they generate bigger and healthy onion bulbs
  • They are viable – All hybrid seeds germinate and develop healthy bulbs.
  • Quality and taste – Hybrid onion seeds have the best quality bulbs. The hybrid variety seeds taste better compared to non-hybrid ones.
  • Drought Resistance – Some hybrid onion seeds can grow under less water availability.

Non-hybrid seeds are less costly and readily available even though they are coupled with pest attack. They may also take a while to germinate.

Maximizing Onion Farming Profits in Kenya

To increase your general yield and returns from an onion farming venture, you need to focus on best practices.
The common best onion production practices include:

  • Drip Irrigation – This method is the best for onion farming as it saves a lot of water and nutrients for bulb development.
  • Weed control – Weed prevention is key to ensuring you get quality and plenty harvest.
  • Growing Hybrid seeds – Get ready to plant hybrid onion seeds. With hybrid seeds, you can be assured of a bumper harvest due to 100% germination.
  • Proper market assessment – Assess the proper market for your onion bulbs before deciding to grow them.

Increase Your onion Farming Drip Kit from Aqua Hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is among the best Drip Kit suppliers in Kenya. We sell quality drip kits, sprinkler heads and rain hose kits to our clients at affordable prices.
A substantial drip kit enhances proper utilization of land and water to produce more onion bulbs. A smaller piece of land can exceed your expectation when all climatic conditions are present under drip irrigation.
For instance, 1 acre of onions produced under drip irrigation can yield up to 15 tons of onion bulbs.
The good thing is the fact that we install it to you, hence there is no need to worry if you don’t know how to do it.

 Onion Farming Drip Kit Prices in Kenya

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line 2 lines 3 Lines
1 acre 75000 130000 160000
1/2 acre 40000 61000 71000
1/4 acre 28000 40000 50000
1/8 acre 13000 23000 26000

Onion Drip Kit Suppliers in Kenya

The cost of drip kits for onion farming in Kenya is affordable and available at Aqua Hub Kenya. Emitter spacing: 15 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm.

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