Buy Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya
Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya deals with quality and long-lasting UV treated greenhouse polythene covers in Kenya. Our greenhouse polythene covers are cheap and affordable to all.

Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya

Greenhouse polythene covers are hard plastic paper for housing greenhouses. A Greenhouse polythene cover is for temperature and optimal temperature enhancement in greenhouse farming.

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What are the Specifications of Greenhouse?

  • 200-micron thickness level
  • Yellow or milky white colour.
  • Transparent light polythene materials
  • Made of Plastic polythene materials

Features of Greenhouse Polythene Covers

A greenhouse polythene cover involves a UV treated material with a light weight and a clear or translucent surface that allows light through.
Its ability to prevent heat loss makes it good as a temperature control material. Polythene covers are the best materials to make greenhouses as compared to glass walls.
Waterproof surface for preventing high humidity and dust, smoke and fog.

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Why Use Greenhouse Polythene

The cheaper cost of greenhouse polythene also makes it a better choice for many designs of greenhouses.
The light transmission properties of a greenhouse polythene and the ease to trap heat makes it the best material for greenhouses. The material is also easy to attach to a structure, mostly metallic or wooden frames.

Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya

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What to Consider When Choosing a Greenhouse Polythene Material

There are several factors to consider when choosing a greenhouse polythene cover that is perfect for your greenhouse structure.


Greenhouse covers lasts for more than 6 years while still in good condition. Choose greenhouse covers that are UV stabilized and quality to ensure it can last long. Going for a long-lasting greenhouse cover brings value for your money.

Thickness level

Polythene materials for greenhouses are available in thickness levels of 200 to 1000 microns. Most crops require 200-micron level polythene for greenhouse construction.

Dust Resistance

Greenhouse films attract dust and particles which stick on the surface and blocks sunlight from reaching inside. Choose greenhouse polythene that do not attract dust and consider colours that are more transparent.

UV Treatment

Go for greenhouse covers that are UV stabilized as they last for a long time.

Light Transmission

Polythene materials have different levels of light transmission depending on the thickness level and UV treatment. UV stabilized film – 88 – 91%, IR-AC film – 82 – 87%, IR-AC with diffusion – 77 – 88%. The type of crop you grow determines the light transmission level to choose in a greenhouse polythene. Select the one that matches your crop.


Consider greenhouse polythene covers that matches your budget. Go for affordable but quality polythene covers.

Advantages of Greenhouse Polythene Covers

  • Climate control and production of high value crops is possible.
  • Protects crops from harsh weather conditions, therefore causes less production losses.
  • High profitability from less input.
  • Flexible material and can be used in any design or shape of a greenhouse.
  • It has light weight, which makes installation and packaging easier.’
  • Can be cut to cover any part of a greenhouse structure.
  • Due to UV stabilization, it can withstand harsh conditions.
  • They are durable and long-lasting.

Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya

The Price of greenhouse covers is KES 110 per square at Aqua Hub Kenya. We have Quality Greenhouse Polythene covers in Kenya.

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Where to Buy Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya

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