Wooden Greenhouse Prices in Kenya
Wooden Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya majors in Greenhouse construction and material supply to all clients in Nairobi and the entire parts of Kenya. Our Wooden greenhouse prices in Kenya are affordable for various available dimensions.

What factors affect Wooden greenhouse prices in Kenya?


The size of a wooden greenhouse matters when it comes to cost since it determines the amount of wooden, frames, nails, and polythene cover to use.


Certain designs or shapes of wooden greenhouse are more costly than other designs. For example, vent greenhouses take more roofing materials due to extra ventilation on the roof.


The guarantee of durability increases with the increase in quality of materials. For example, use of hardwood timber and UV treated polyethylene films.

What Materials can be used to Build Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya?

Setting up wooden greenhouses require simple or Quality materials such as wooden poles, greenhouse polythene covers, nails and insect or shade nets.
Wooden poles do not necessarily need to be specific; you can use wooden frames, poles, or bamboo. The only thing to consider is the strength and thickness of the wood.
Greenhouse polythene covers are available in many specifications, but the perfect one for a greenhouse should be specific. It needs to be transparent, hard, waterproof and with a thickness of 200 microns. A 200-micron thickness level allows maximum sunlight rays through. The material should be UV treated to enhance resistance to UV radiation.
Nails should be made of galvanized steel or aluminium materials that resist rust and corrosion.
Insect nets need to be UV treated to resist sunlight and enhance long term performance.

How to Enhance the Effectiveness of Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya

Effective greenhouses mean that they can offer continuous expected performance despite the environmental conditions.
With our quality greenhouse materials, we help you develop strong modern and durable structures that can enhance productivity for a long time.
Wooden greenhouses have a problem with durability since wooden frames decay easily. However, we have a solution of this problem, that is, we use treated poles in constructing your wooden greenhouse.
Treated poles are waterproof and resist the growth of fungi and moss. Water cannot decompose materials that do not absorb it.
Moreover, treating poles maintains its weight and firmness since it does not lose water or dry to lose weight.

Wooden Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

Our wooden greenhouse dimensions costs are categorized according to materials required cost and installation costs.
The cost for materials required to construct common dimensions are shown below.

Size in Square meters  Cost (KES.)
8mx15m KES. 165,000
8mx24m KES. 180,000
8mx30m KES. 240,000
16mx30m KES. 390,000

The installation costs cater for delivery of materials, technicians, and casuals. The cost is affordable and negotiable.
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