Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya
Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya

Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya varies depending on the thickness. 200 microns, which costs around Ksh 96 per square meter, is the most popular. The top greenhouse paper provider in Kenya is Aqua Hub. We are a greenhouse business in Kenya that sells various kinds of greenhouse equipment. Different greenhouse polythene sheets have varying prices in Kenya. Three distinct greenhouse polythene sheet varieties, each with a different micron count and UV treatment, are available from us. Both high- and low-altitude environments can benefit from greenhouse polythene. Our polyethylene for greenhouses is made of durable low-density polyethylene, which offers great clarity, strength, and durability. It can withstand the elements, won’t rip, and lets in more light for plant photosynthesis.

Greenhouse Polythene Paper 

Greenhouse paper, also known as a greenhouse polythene sheet, is a type of plastic material that is frequently used to wrap a greenhouse and separate it from the outside environment. The UV-treated polythene covering in the greenhouse is 200 microns thick. It comes in white and yellow.

The basic functions of greenhouse sheets are to divide the inside from the outside environment and to transmit as much regulated light as feasible. The cover promotes plant development and allows light to pass through. We apply adequate mild stabilizers to boost the tensile strength of the cover.

Our UV-protected polythene for greenhouses is incredibly sturdy and durable. They are easy to set up. The polythene covering of the greenhouse provides physical protection for the crops against winds, rain, insects, and other natural disasters.

Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya 

In Kenya, our greenhouse polythene cover costs Ksh. 96 per square meter and is available in white and peach colors.

Color Prices
 Yellow, 200 Microns     96/-
Milky White, 200 Microns     96/-
Clear, 200 Microns     96/-


What are the types of greenhouse polythene cover?

Clear (sometimes referred to as milky white) and yellow are the two primary hues of greenhouse polythene. The color options will depend on the crop cultivated. Yellow greenhouse films are ideal for colder climates and higher elevations. They are quite good at avoiding drips and fog. Growers of cucumbers and vibrant plants, mainly flowers, come highly recommended. Nectarine Clear or milky white greenhouse films are appropriate for farms in high elevations or areas with extremely low temperatures. They are somewhat warmer at night than they are during the day. They are ideal for plants like peppers and tomatoes.

Color Microns
 Yellow   200 Microns
Milky White   200 Microns
Clear   200 Microns


Why are greenhouse covers important?

The main purposes of greenhouse paper are to transmit as much controlled light as feasible and to keep the inside environment isolated from the outside environment. The cover enhances light transmission and encourages plant growth. The cover’s tensile strength is increased by the number of light stabilizers we put on it. Our greenhouse UV-protected polythene is very strong and long-lasting. They are simple to assemble. The crops are physically protected from winds, rain, insects, and other natural disasters by the polythene covering of the greenhouse.

  • It, therefore, lengthens your growing season. Additionally, it prolongs the growing season into the winter.
  • You may increase your revenue by growing a variety of plants, especially high-value ones.
  • By growing your veggies in a greenhouse, you may minimize bug issues. This includes diseases, pests, and rodents.
  • The setting is perfect for the plants to flourish.
  • Plants are guarded against weather-related harm.
  • It uses less harmful pesticides.
  • Bees and ladybirds are two examples of beneficial insects that are protected.

You may get the best and finest greenhouse polythene paper from Aqua Hub Limited. Our greenhouse polythene paper is extremely reasonably priced in Kenya. We also provide every piece of greenhouse equipment you would want for building a greenhouse. We are a licensed business in Kenya that offers greenhouse installation services. Get in touch with us at NAIROBI: 0790719020 or ELDORET: 0759372241 for the best greenhouse prices.