Seedling Trays in Kenya
seedling trays

Aqua Hub is a supplier of seedling trays in Kenya. We supply high-quality seedling trays, as well as seeds and cuttings, to satisfy your propagation needs. Growing plants from seed frequently yield stronger plants at a reduced cost. A seedling tray in Kenya might help with germination if you wish to start seeds in quantity. Of course, when choosing a seed tray, there are several alternatives for the material, tray type, and a number of cells. Our planting trays come in a variety of colors and forms, including black and white, while black is the most popular tray color.

Seedling trays in Kenya

A seed tray is a container used to sow several seeds at once. One container that enables you to sow several seeds at once is a seed tray. This makes moving them and watering them much simpler. Once the seeds germinate, the seed tray holds the seedlings as they develop until they are prepared for transplanting outside or into larger pots. Depending on the plant species, each cell can hold up to three seeds. The trays should be regularly watered as the seeds begin to sprout. Until they are ready to be moved to the field or larger pots, young seedlings can be safely stored in these trays for three to four weeks in a semi-shade.

Propagation trays are specifically constructed PVC UV-stabilized containers that retain seedlings from germination till transplanting. They give additional depth for greater soil volume, making it easier to de-nest and saving you time and effort when planting seedlings. They are the most cost-effective inserts for farmers. Our seedling trays enable farmers who are currently pursuing agriculture as a company to account for seedling growth/survivor.

Importance of seedling trays

Growing seeds in paper pots, modules, or seedling trays allow you to control the environment in which they develop. Control over soil, moisture, fertility, and heat as well as protection from the elements and garden pests. This is especially important if you want to begin your growing season early. There won’t be any water leaks because the trays are durable and reusable and have solid bottoms without any holes. The trays are excellent for soaking seed cells from below during germination. This protects the seedlings from disturbance and makes sure they receive enough water.

  1. Excellent germination rate.
  2. Crops planted in germination trays mature more quickly because, following transplantation, they immediately take root.
  3. Improves root development and the risk of transplant shock greatly.
  4. Consistent harvesting as opposed to those cultivated directly in the soil.
  5. Ease of transportation.
  6. Lessen the occurrences of damping-off caused by excessive population and untreated soil.

What is the cost of seedling trays?

Number of cells Cost
50 140
72 140
128 140
200 140
288 140


We take great pride in being the leading supplier of seedling trays in east Africa. This rule applies to both small-scale farmers and commercial seedling growers. We provide superior seedling trays for all propagation requirements in East Africa. These planting trays are available in all of our locations. We deliver anywhere in the region. Contact information for us is ELDORET: 0759372241; NAIROBI: 0790719020.