Rain Gun Sprinklers
Rain Gun Sprinklers

The rain gun Sprinklers are a new breed of high-volume, high-pressure overhead irrigation sprinklers. Rain gun sprinklers are used to irrigate various crops in Kenya. They are a new generation of high-volume, high-pressure sprayers designed for use in horticulture, agricultural areas, orchards, and irrigated forests. Rain guns spray a huge area with water, saving the farmer time and labor. Sprinklers/spray irrigation is a regulated way of delivering water comparable to rainfall. Water is delivered by a network that includes pumps, valves, pipelines, and sprinklers. Sprinklers for irrigation can be utilized in residential, industrial, and agricultural settings. Aqua Hub Kenya sells a variety of rain guns with varying spray distances and ease of use.

What is a rain gun sprinkler?

Designed for a range of functions and applications where relatively large flows and an extended radius of the water throw are sought, a rain gun is a high-performance micro-irrigation device. The working pressure and flow range for rain gun sprinklers is 2.0 to 7.5 kg/cm2 and 3 to 30 lps, respectively. The majority of them have wetting radii between 27 and 60 meters and nozzle sizes between 10 and 30 mm. It is appropriate for broad-acre crops, orchards, forestry, lawns, and grasses.

Types of rain gun sprinklers

Rain Gun ( Brass)

·         Material – Brass & Plastic

·         The radius – 14 to 16 m

·         Pressure – up to 1-6 bar

·         They are available in  ; (32 mm, 50 mm & 63 mm)

·         Are high-pressure rain guns that require booster pumps to work effectively.

The rain Gun ( Plastic & Impact )

·         The material – Brass & Plastic

·         Radius –  ( 50 mm – 25- 45m ) & ( 63mm – 32-50 m)

·         Its pressure – up to  2-8 bar

·         Available in 50 mm and 63 mm

·         These Sprinklers are durable easy to maintain

Flange ( Rain Guns )

·         Material – Brass & Metallic Stands

·         The radius –  40m – 70 m

·         Pressure – up to  4-10 bar

·         Are available in 50 mm and 63 mm


Impact Sprinklers

·         The material – Plastic

·         Radius –  (15m – 20 m )

·         Pressure – up to  2 bar

·         Input: 1 ” Female

·         They are available in 25mm & 32 mm



What is the cost of rain sprinklers?

Sprinkler  Size  Radius  Cost Stand  Cost
Rain Gun 32 mm ( 1 “) (15 – 20 )m 5,000 500
Flange 63 mm ( 1.5″) (35- 60 ) m 45,000
Impact Sprinkler 25 mm (6-12) m 800 450
Rain Gun 50 mm ( 1.5″) (25-40) m 7,000 2500
Impact Sprinkler 32 mm ( 1 “) (12- 15 )m 2,500 500
Rain Gun 63 mm ( 2 “) (30-50)m 10,000 2500


What are the components of rain gun sprinklers?

Main Line Pipes Sub‐main Line Pipes Skipper Fittings & Accessories (Camlock Fittings)



 Rain Guns

Impact Type

Pelican Gear Drive Type

Tripod Stand for Rain Gun

Tri-Pod Stand

Female Coupling

Male Barbed Coupling

Male Coupling

End Plug


Do you need to buy a rain gun sprinkler in Kenya? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. Farmers who want to employ the overhead sprinkler irrigation system over broad tracts of land might benefit from rain gun sprinklers. A sprinkler cannon can effectively irrigate a vast area with a wetting radius of up to 60 meters. Check for the adjustable jet breaker function while comparing Kenyan rain gun sprinklers. You may use this function to modify the water’s impact and droplet size in order to protect delicate or little crops.

Check whether the device has interchangeable nozzles before choosing from the rain gun sprinklers on sale in Kenya. You can irrigate a variety of soil types, crops, and stages of growth with the help of the nozzles. Another crucial consideration is the rain gun sprinkler’s operating pressure. Contact Aqua Hub Kenya at NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241 for further information.