Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation
Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation

Disc filters for drip irrigation are the best devices to prevent pipes from clogging or entering the drip lines.

Why you need filters for Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation involves the use of drip lines to supply slow and small droplets of water to root zones of crops. The emitters have tiny holes for releasing water along the entire length of the pipe. These tiny holes are so critical and can easily clog due to soil or sand content in it.

Higher accumulation of sand particles prevent water from reaching the soil root zones and can event cause pipe bursts.

Disc Filters by Aqua Hub Kenya

Available in sizes of 3/4”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2” and 3″. Made of quality plastic materials that can withstand high pressure and harsh conditions.

Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation

Features of Disc Filters

  1. Disc Stacks or Rings – a disc water filters has a stack of circular discs with mesh level which traps even tiny particles. The higher number of discs makes filtration more efficient since it is impossible for particles to pass through the entire stack.
  2. Mesh Filtration level – Disc filters are available from mesh levels of 80 -140-micron level. The mesh level is suitable for all types of irrigation water depending on the sand content level.
  3. Self-Cleaning Mechanism – Disc filters have self-cleaning mechanisms that enhance easier maintenance. The self-cleaning and hydraulic feature allows removal of sediments without opening the filter.
  4. Hard UV Treated Plastic – Disc filters are made of hard UV treated plastic materials. The inner discs are also hard plastic mesh filters for resistance of harsh conditions.

Disc filters are suitable for large scale drip irrigation systems that work with automated systems. You need a disc filter for a larger farm to ensure higher efficiency and ease of operation. The reason is often due to the application of river or dam water in irrigation of big farming projects.

Which types of Filters are available?

Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation

There are two types of filters for irrigation:  screen filters and disc filters.

Screen filters are simple filters made of plastic material and contain a mesh filter ring on the inside.

Disc filters are complex plastic filters with a metal ring on the outside surface. They have round plastic discs with grooves that trap particles and allow water to flow. The discs pile up inside to form a stack which traps soil particles on the moving water.

How Disc filters work in Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation filters consists of a particular design which makes them effective soil traps in the pipeline. Filters have mesh filtration materials with different levels of micron hole size depending on the type of filter. Some filters can flush themselves to remove particle accumulation in their compartment.

Advantages of Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation

  1. Higher Efficiency in Filtration – due to the higher filtration capacity sand content is fully removed from water thus enhancing smooth flow.
  2. Easy maintenance and cleaning – They are self-cleaning thus reducing the time and cost of maintaining them.
  3. Disc filters save energy and water – by reducing clogging in pipes and drip lines, disc filters reduce water loss and energy wastage as less pressure is needed to move water.
  4. The disc filters ensure protection and consistent functioning of the components of drip irrigation.
  5. Convenient water supply to plant lines – Reduction in sediments ensures continuous supply of water to plant lines.
  6. Balanced flow of water to sections of the farm

Applications of Disc Filters

  • Filtration of irrigation water in Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • For prevention of clogging in drip irrigation systems
  • In industries to filter water and fluids
  • Filtration of clean water in clean water treatment plants.

Prices of Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya

The cost of disc filters is KES 800 to KES 5,000 according to the size of the filter. We have quality disc filters for drip irrigation at affordable prices in Kenya.

Where to Buy Quality Disc Filters in Kenya

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