Button Drip System
Button Drip System

The Button Drip System ensures that your plants receive continuous and smooth water flow. Designed to guarantee that large changes in pressure only cause a modest adjustment in flow to the plants. As a result, the button Drip System is applicable. The Button Drip System acts as a small throttle. Maintaining a constant flow rate. The emitter reduces and regulates the volume of water discharged.

What is used in Button Drip System?

Button Drip System makes use of irrigation emitters or drippers. The irrigation emitters are button emitters. Through the flow channel or orifice, they change the pressure water flow in the capillary into a drip or fine flow. One to four liters per hour on average, up to a maximum of 12 liters per hour, is the dripper flow rate. The caliber of the drip system emitters has a direct bearing on the dependability of the drip irrigation system and the caliber of irrigation water. As a result, the drip irrigation system’s drippers are frequently referred to as the irrigation system’s “heart.” Again, there are several methods to categorize water drippers.

Button Drip Emitters

Button Drip Emitters have a labyrinth-flow-path design that produces a turbulent flow that provides years of continuous watering with fewer clogging. The button drip emitters are available in packs of 5, 25, 50, and 100, and have flow rates of.5, 1, or 2 GPH with an operating pressure range of 15 to 25 PSI (the greater the pressure, the higher the flow rate). These drip emitters are a low-cost solution for an individual plant, planter boxes, small to large pots, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees on short runs, level terrain, or low-pressure gravity feed drip irrigation installations, and areas where conventional sprinkler systems are not practical. They are recommended for residential and commercial applications. The button drip emitter has two pieces and is disassemble for cleaning by twisting the drip emitter’s top counterclockwise and drawing it apart.

Features Button Drip Emitters in Button Drip System

  1. The flow rate is color-coded for easy identification.
  2. Turbulent flow via a one-of-a-kind labyrinth-water-passage design decreases the possibility of blockage.
  3. Flow rate that is consistent.
  4. The raised barbed exit stops water from running down the drip lateral.
  5. Chemical and fertilizer resistance in landscaping applications.
  6. UV-resistant, long-lasting plastic material to survive the harshest circumstances.

What are the types of Button Drip Emitters?

The first categorization of button irrigation drippers is based on the dripper and capillary connection mechanism. Drippers are classified into three types: tube-type drippers, inter-tube drippers, and in-line drippers. Another categorization is based on the dripper’s flow status. A laminar flow dripper and a turbulent dripper are in the division. The final categorization is based on how drip irrigation system emitters dissipate energy. The following are some examples of button drippers:

  1. PC online dripper
  2. PC online non-drain dripper
  3. Take apart the PC dripper
  4. Turbulent flowing online dripper
  5. Adjustable dripper

Construction/installation of Button Drip System

To install the emitters, drill a hole in the drip lines. The barbed emitter inlet is then inserted into the hole and secured by the barb. Due to its elastic nature, the poly drip tube stretches around the barb before constricting around its stem. The secret is to make sure the tubing hole you punch is less than the diameter of the barb stem. If the hole is larger than the barb stem, it will not close, allowing a leak to occur.

We advise utilizing the specific punch that the emitter maker makes as it will make a hole in the tubing that is the right size. An ice pick or even a nail may frequently work in place of a proper hole punch if one is not available. Make sure the punch’s diameter isn’t bigger than the emitter barb’s stem, though. It’s simple to go completely through one side of the tube and out the other, so be sure to just punch the hole through one side.

Where to get the button drip system

For irrigation with a button drip system, get in touch with the Nairobi and Eldoret offices of Aqua Hub Kenya Limited. We are a dependable partner for all of your agricultural inputs and management techniques. To learn more, contact: 0790719020