Solar Water Pumps for Irrigation Systems

In Kenya, nowadays most people prefer solar water pumps as they are economical to use and maintain. The design enhances it to convert solar power into current to prevent it from damaging the pump or motor device.

Solar water pumps are a new generation of pumps that utilize solar power to move water from the source.

Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Pumps that use solar power can either be submersible or surface water pump types.

Submersible solar Water Pump

Submersible pumps are special types that work when completely dipped in water.

They are used in boreholes, wells, sewage systems and deep-water pans.

Surface solar Pumps

Surface pumps are installed on the ground surface and draw water through suction pipes. Water pumps can either be portable or permanently fixed water pumps.

For example, Solar pool pumps are applicable in pool filling and drainage.

Choosing the Right Solar Pump (Factors to Consider)

Pumps are available in a wide range of types and specifications and thus may be tricky to settle for the perfect one.  Effective solar pumps can be chosen by assessment of the factors below.

 Power consumption

Know the amount of power a pump consumes so that you can acquire the ideal solar panels to connect with.

Pump Head

It is important to consider how high a pump can suction water from the well or borehole. The depth of the water source is the reference point, make sure you give the correct information.

Flow Rate

What volume the pump can supply in each time is another thing to ask. The information is critical when finding a pump that reduces the pumping time.


The intended use of the pump helps in identifying the best pump to buy. The type of water source you have whether river, borehole, dam, or well will determine if you need a submersible or surface pump.


With all the specific needs of your irrigation system in mind, the main factor to consider is the price of the pump. Cost of the pump helps identify the options suitable for your budget.

Advantages of Solar Pumps in Kenya

  1. Lower Cost of Operation – Solar pumps benefit from free solar power to avail water in the required place use.
  2. Solar Pumps are available in various sizes and brands. Size ranges give a wide range of options for various applications.
  3. They are suitable for different types of water sources. Dirty, clean, or slurry water supply.
  4. Strong for long-term durability. They are made of strong non-corrosive metals which make them long-lasting.
  5. They work in areas without electricity connections. For areas such as remote places, solar pumps are utilized to pump water.
  6. Solar pumps conserve the environment since they do not release waste or chemicals. Unlike fuel pumps, they are less harmful to the environment.


Solar pump systems are key in supplying water for agricultural and domestic use.

You can connect them to boreholes or wells to move water to storage tanks or directly to the farm.

Prices of Solar Pumps in Kenya

Outlet Size (inch) Prices
½ 58,000
¾ 77,000
1 86,000
2 125,000

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