Best Water Pumps in Kenya
Best Water Pumps in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has the best water pumps in Kenya. We supply various types of pumps such as diesel, petrol, solar and electric pumps for a wide range of applications.

Which Water Pumps are the Best?

To determine whether a pump is suitable for your application, you need to consider the actual intended use. Whether you want it to supply domestic water, apply it in irrigation, pumping borehole water or use in industrial or mining fields, you can get a good pump.

Water Pumps in Kenya

Best Water Pumps in Kenya

Pumps come in different types which fall under various categories classified below:

According to Power source

Some pumps require fuel to supply water, they can either be diesel or petrol pumps with engines designed for fuel.
Some use electricity to operate while other types operate on solar energy.

According to type of Application

Pumps can be grouped according to how they are used in the water supply. There are surface pumps and submersible pumps. Surface pumps work on the ground surface with a suction pipe that sucks water from the source to the pump for direction to supply pipes.
Submersible pumps work while completely submerged in water. Submersible pumps are designed with a surface totally covered with metal to prevent water from damaging the engine.

According to Pressure Rating

Low pressure and high pressure pumps.
Low pressure pumps operate under lower Horsepower (HP) rating while High-pressure pumps operate under high Horsepower rating.

Features of Water Pumps

Single-stage or multi-stage(centrifugal) Pumps

The number of impellers in a pump determines whether it is multi-stage or single stage.
Single-stage pumps have one impeller while multi-stage pumps have multiple impellers. Multi-stage pumps can continuously increase pressure of water with each impeller. Multi-stage pumps provide greater lifting force and are therefore strong and cost-effective.

Water Pump Design

Pumps are made of different materials on the various parts such as engine casing, housing, impeller, shaft, and all other parts.

Self-Priming function

It is common to find pumps that have self-priming (ability to self-start) features. Other pumps have a mechanism to detect low water level and switch off to avoid damage.

Best Water Pump Brands in Kenya

  • Honda Pumps
  • Aico Pumps
  • Carltons UK
  • Pacwell
  • Windsor

Best Water Pumps in Kenya

How to Choose Water Pumps (Factors to Consider)

Flow Rate

How much volume can a pump supply in a certain period? That is the flow rate, the amount of water a pump suctions or move over a unit time. Choosing a pump requires concern over the desired flow rate to ensure it meets water requirements for crops or water levels you want for specific use.

Pressure Rates

Pressure rating involves the force in which a pump supplies water expressed in bars. It is good to go for pumps with suitable pressure rating as per the desired speed and rate you want to pump water.

Discharge Head

Discharge height is the height that a supply pipe can discharge or throw water. The height

Suction Head

The total depth or height that a pump can suction water from the borehole, well or dam. Choose a pump with a big discharge height that corresponds to the depth of your water source.

Water Quality

Considering the type of water, you are supplying for irrigation or domestic use is important since different pumps are designed to supply specific water types either clear or with particles.

Benefits of Water Pumps in Irrigation Farming

  • Water pumps enhances efficiency in water supply to crops as equal amounts of water can reach crops.
  • You can utilize pumps to supply water to storage tanks for future use in irrigation during dry seasons.
  • Water pumps enhance continuous food production throughout the year.
  • Pumps enables the desired pressure required in irrigation of crops using irrigation systems such as sprinklers and rain Guns.
  • Pumps are available from low to high pressure with affordable rates.

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Pump Brand Horsepower Price
Windsor 12 85,000
Aico 14 85,000
Carltons UK 14 84,000
Pacwell 14 78,000

Aqua Hub Kenya is among the top reliable suppliers of best water pumps in Kenya. Our prices are affordable and suits all farmers.
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