Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a cost-effective and efficient method of watering your lawn and garden. The irrigation, which is more widespread in drier parts of the country, is gaining popularity in the country. Drip irrigation is 90 percent efficient in allowing plants to utilize the water delivered, unlike other forms of irrigation such as sprinklers, which are only 65-75 percent efficient. It also cuts down on runoff and evaporation. Drip irrigation progressively delivers water to the plant root zone, where it is most required. Drip irrigation is more often applicable in large nursery and agricultural operations, but homeowners are starting to realize its benefits and uses. You may use drip irrigation in your vegetable and perennial gardens, as well as to irrigate trees and shrubs, as a homeowner.

What is a drip irrigation system and how does it work?

Drip irrigation is the most effective way to supply water and nutrients to crops. It provides water and nutrients straight to the root zone of the plant in the precise amounts and at the right times, ensuring that each plant receives exactly what it requires, when it requires it, for maximum growth. It helps farmers to increase yields while conserving water, fertilizers, and energy.