Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler prices in Eldoret by Aqua Hub varies according to the type and material of the sprinkler. We have a large selection of sprinklers. They are of various materials. Some are plastic, while others are metallic. The material is what causes the pricing discrepancies for sprinklers. These sprinklers come in a wide range of pressures, from low to high. Sprinklers are one of the irrigation devices that farmers in Eldoret value highly. This is why Aqua Hub offers the best sprinklers in the area at the most reasonable prices.

What are sprinklers?

Irrigation sprinklers (also water sprinklers or just sprinklers) are devices for watering agricultural crops, lawns, landscaping, golf courses, and other locations. They’re also helping to keep things cool and keep dust out of the air. Sprinkler irrigation is a technique for administering water in a regulated manner, much like rainfall. Pumps, valves, pipelines, and sprinklers the components to disperse the water.

The usage of Irrigation sprinklers are in a variety of settings, including residential, industrial, and agricultural. It’s beneficial on uneven ground where water is less, as well as on sandy soil. At regular intervals, the perpendicular pipes with revolving nozzles on top connects to the main pipeline. Water escapes from the revolving nozzles when it is pressures through the main pipe. It’s strewn throughout the crop. Water is routed to one or more central sites inside the field and dispersed by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or guns in sprinkler or overhead irrigation.


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