HDPE Fittings in Kenya
HDPE Fittings in Kenya

HDPE fittings in Kenya are quality High density polythene plastics that are versatile for numerous water pumping and supply needs. We mainly focus on our application of HDPE fittings in supply of water to farms in different types of irrigation systems.
However, HDPE fittings are also vital and mostly used in connections of domestic water supply systems and sewage systems.

Specifications of HDPE Fittings by Aqua Hub

  • They have a diameter of range of 16-110mm.
  • We deal with PN16 HDPE fittings.
  • Black, green, and blue colors can be available.

Why are they Vital?

HDPE fittings HDPE Pipe Fittings in Kenya have a greater importance in pipe connections basically due to the nature of the polythene material components.
The most important factor about HDPE fittings is its ability to withstand high pressure, harsh weather conditions and forces. HDPE fittings have UV treatment which resists UV damage effects, thus making them last for a long time while operating well.
Moreover, they are hard in nature hence cannot break or crack easily when subjected to high pressure of water or external force.

Where to Apply 

HDPE fittings are suitable for connection of various starting pipes for irrigation systems and water supply systems. You can use them to connect pipes in the following ways.

  • HDPE pipes to other HDPE pipes
  • HDPE pipes to fittings such as filters, Valves, and connectors
  • PVC and HDPE pipes
  • Pipes to driplines or delivery pipes
  • Pipes to Sprinklers and rain guns
  • Rain hose pipes to mainline HDPE pipes

Types of HDPE fittings 

Connector Couplings

HDPE fittings with two caps that connect to a threaded middle part which allows two pipes to be connected.

Reducing Coupling

A coupling which connects one big pipe to a smaller pipe. Has one cap with a larger width than the opposite cap to allow reduction of water entering a certain section.


Tee fittings are useful in places where you need to supply water to various sections. A tee fitting creates a branching connection with three parts, one being an inlet and two parts taking water to opposite sides.

HDPE elbow

Elbow fittings are suitable in places where the barriers such as stones or trees prevent pipes from installation in a straight line. You may need to create a branching connection to evade the barrier. Elbow Connectors

Saddle Clamp

Saddle clamps enhance connection of delivery pipes to sub-mainline pipes. You may need.


Female and male adaptors are available for joining pipes to various threaded fittings.

Features of HDPE Fittings

  • These fittings have pressure compatibility ranging from PN10 to PN16 and offer a wide range of types suitable for various pipe types.
  • Wide range of diameters are available starting from 16 to 110 mm and can supply low to high pressure of water without damage.
  • UV is treated to function in all weather conditions.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They have threaded parts to enhance tight connections.

Irrigation systems that require HDPE fittings

Depending on the type of pipes you choose for an irrigation system, whether HDPE or PVC, you require quality and effective fittings that can enhance zero leakages.

Drip irrigation systems- surface or underground
Mainline connection in sprinkler systems
Connection of main line pipes in button dripper irrigation systems.

Advantages of HDPE Fittings

  1.  HDPE fittings are ideal for long term and high performance desired in an irrigation system.
  2. They are cost effective and easier to maintain. Buying them is cheap, especially for large quantities.
  3. You require less knowledge or expertise to operate and monitor HDPE fittings.
  4. Irrigation methods are more effective when pipes are connected using HDPE fittings to join the main line and sub-mainline connection. These points are major parts where leakages normally occur, and pipes get damaged.
  5. Therefore, it is wise to use HDPE fittings to allow for easier repairs or pipe replacement in case the need arises.

HDPE Fittings Prices in Kenya

The cost of purchasing HDPE fittings varies according to the size of the fittings’ diameter. The cost of available fittings range is shown in the table below.

HDPE Fitting  Price Range  
Tee  KES. 150 – 3,500 
Saddle Clamps KES. 80 – 1,500 
Adapters KES. 100 – 2,000 
End Caps KES. 100 – 550 
Connectors KES. 180 – 4,500 
Reducers KES. 250 – 6,000 

Where to Buy HDPE Fittings in Kenya

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