Mulching Films for Farming in Kenya
Mulching Films

Moisture is a precious resource in agricultural crop production. Without every drop of moisture your crop will face the risk of dying or lower general development. Mulching films are available at Aqua Hub Kenya, for application in farm weed control and moisture conservation.

The need for Mulching Covers

During dry seasons, moisture in the soil may drop to a very low level that cannot support crop growth at all.

During such periods you need solutions to enhance moisture retention in the soil especially for semi-arid areas.

Constant irrigation is advisable but to lower water needs and costs, you need to cut off evaporation at all costs.

By doing so, you reduce the frequency and rates of irrigation thus producing more from less water.

Furthermore, moist soil is good for nutrient supply and maintenance of fertility of the soil.

Exposing soil to direct sunlight leads to leaching and burning of organic matter thus low fertility.

What are Mulching Covers?

Mulching Covers are thin plastic polythene covers for covering soil surfaces in agricultural farms to reduce evaporation rates.

Mulching Covers Features

  • Mulching films are light and flexible covers which can be pulled and laid on plant line surfaces easily.
  • They are UV treated thus capable of lasting for a long period of time without getting affected by weather conditions.
  • Mulching films are black in color, suitable for absorbing heat and warming the soil for easier germination of seeds. Other colors are available as well; white, yellow, and blue.
  • The materials are waterproof, a feature that prevents water from leaving the soil. Moisture will be available for plant use.

Choosing the Right Mulching Film

To purchase the proper mulching film for your crops you need to consider.

The type of soil
Various soils have different texture and water retention levels. You need to know your soil texture to know the type of film to use. The soil texture determines the aeration in the soil thus dark and high thickness films could cause lower air presence in highly compact soil.
Crop type
Some crops are not suitable for mulching or growing under mulching covers.
Mulching films are good for lower crops such as vegetables and beans. Root tubers such as potatoes and sweet potatoes and yams are not suitable for mulching paper.
Thickness of the cover
The level of thickness of a mulching film determines how long it can last. If you are growing short term crops use a lower-level thickness. However, if you want a long-lasting film consider a higher thickness level.

Benefits of Mulching Films

Mulching entirely cuts down the growth of weeds in your gardens or farms. Mulching films is better than traditional mulching practices because it cannot be damaged or removed by water or wind.
Weeds get no air and light to germinate when you apply mulch paper on your farm. Your plants can therefore get access to light, water and nutrients without competition.
Weed prone diseases are also prevented using mulching films.

Greenhouse farming requires proper mulching for water maintenance and weed or disease control. You can learn more on greenhouse farming, read affordable greenhouse polythene covers in Kenya.

How to Install Mulching Films

  1. Remove sharp objects and weeds from your gardens.
  2. Pull a mulching film along the planting lines. Mark the surfaces of the mulching film that matches each plant.
  3. Use hot cans to make holes on marked areas of the mulching film.
  4. Remove the leaves of each plant to emerge through plunged holes of the film.
  5. Hold the mulching film using soil in between planting lines

How much is a Mulching Papers in Kenya?

The cost of mulching films is KES 45 per square meter.

Where to Buy Mulching Films in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has quality Mulching Films for crop protection and moisture conservation in greenhouses farming structures, gardens and open fields.
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