Pop-up Sprinklers for Your Lawn Irrigation
Pop-up sprinklers

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It is common to experience dry patches on some lawn gardens due to water not reaching all the sections. Pop-up sprinklers convey an equal distribution of water to all lawn sections and lead to green and balanced growth.

Cost of Pop-up Sprinklers in Kenya

KES 2,700 to KES 6,500 as per the size of the sprinkler head.

What is a Pop-up Sprinkler?

A pop-up sprinkler is a simple sprinkler head type that is designed to work best in lawns and other compound grass irrigation. Due to its higher efficiency and ease of automation, it is preferred for use in providing ample water to your lawn field.

How Pop-Up Sprinklers Emit Water

The pop-up sprinkler device relies on high pressure to function and thus you need a pump. A controller is also essential to control the system for automatic start and stop of irrigation. Pop up sprinklers are designed to release water in high-pressure rain forms that come in a circular pattern. The Pop-up feature allows the sprinkler to rise and release water and retract back after irrigation. Pop-up sprinklers

Components of a Pop-Up Sprinkler System

Devices that form a sprinkler system consist of pipes, sprinklers, fittings, connectors, pressure regulators, timers, backflow systems, and water pumps. You may also need to use a water filter,

Properties of a Pop-Up Sprinkler

A lawn sprinkler has several features that make it suitable for irrigating lawn fields. They include;
  • Underground Installation – They are mounted underground, and the sprinkler head is made to protrude above the surface.
  • Spring – The sprinkler head contains a spring that enables it to rise and retract back as during irrigation.
  • Material – Plastic body surface or stainless-steel materials. The plastic and steel materials are hard, non-corrosive, and durable. They Can withstand harsh weather conditions and high pressure of water.
  • Spray radius – This refers to the distance of coverage that a sprinkler can spray water on your lawn field. It varies as per the size and model of the pop-up sprinkler between 0.5 m to 4 m.
  • Nozzles – nozzles are the small opening of the sprinkler heads that release water in thin sprays. Sprinkler nozzles range between 6 to 12 as per the size of the sprinkler head.
  • Pressure Rating – pressure rates for different levels of sprinkler heads are not the same but can be in the same specific range. Ranges from 20 to 30 Psi and not exceeding 70 psi for high-pressure lawn sprinklers.
  • Spray Pattern Adjustment – Describes the angle or manner in which a sprinkler releases water. Can be Half circle, Quarter Circle, or full-circle rotation depending on the type of sprinkler. You can also increase or decrease the arc.

What Makes Pop-Up Sprinkler Systems More Reliable

The system is designed for a higher efficiency due to several control features and advanced functions.
  1. Automation is possible with pop-up sprinklers – It provides higher efficiency in irrigation control. It enhances sufficient control by following a preset irrigation schedule and duration.
  2. Sensors can be fitted to the system to provide moisture content data which triggers the controller on whether to start the irrigation or not.
  3. Pop-up sprinkler works for a variety of landscapes as it does not rely on the surface movement of water.
  4. Lower threat to soil erosion because water does not fall on one part for a long time.
  5. The pop-up sprinklers are visible and enhance easier lawn mowing. They also do not cause accidents in sports fields.

How to Use Pop-up Sprinklers

  • To water lawn fields and grasses.
  • To irrigate sports grounds such as football, tennis and rugby fields.
  • Residential areas
  • Flower gardens
  • For landscaping and watering various terrains.

Where to Purchase Pop-up Sprinklers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the best place to source quality pop-up sprinklers for irrigation of various lawn landscapes. Get them delivered at affordable prices. Call 0790719020

Frequently Asked Questions

It rises up and releases circular spray patterns of water at high pressure

Lawn pop-ups are ideal for any type of landscape except steep slopes.

They are used in the irrigation of lawns, residential areas, sports fields and animal grasses.

Consider the spray radius of the pop up you are installing. It is recommeded that you install them with a spacing that overlaps while irrigating. This will ensure no dry parts are left during irrigation.

Consider the size of the spray radius and the size of the lawn. Consider a size that meets the water needs of your lawn.

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