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Mulching Papers

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Weed growth and interference on plants is a major problem in agriculture which not only robs off nutrients but also causes pest infestations. Mulching papers are the type of plastic sheets or films designed to prevent weed growth on crop fields.

What is Mulching Paper?

A mulching paper is a low gauge film made of plastic polythene materials. It acts as an artificial ground cover to prevent the growth and survival of weeds. Mulching films do not allow light through; they are opaque. Exists in black, blue, green, or other non-transparent colors.

How Mulching Papers Work

It is more advantageous to use mulching films for weed suppression on your farms than spraying Chemicals. A mulching film prevents weeds from access to air, and light, and thus they cannot grow. Often, these mulching films are used on the bare areas around the plant lines which allows weeds to grow.

How to Lay Mulching Films on Your Farm

To set up a mulching film, you unpack and open the rolls. Pull and spread the film over the area intended to be used on it. Make holes in the film along the plant lines to allow crops to receive air and sunlight. The modification of the film enhances plant growth while at the same time preventing evaporation and weeds around the plant area.

Advantages of Mulching Films

Heat absorption – Plastic mulching films are designed to absorb heat from the sun and warm the ground. The warmth enhances faster seed germination and plant growth. Prevents Soil Erosion – They work intact on the ground surface and protect the soil from direct erosion during periods of heavy rainfall. Stops Excessive Evaporation – Mulch paper does not allow evaporation of water from the soil since no sunlight reaches the soil. Therefore, water remains abundant in the soil for plant absorption during periods of low water availability. Protects the Organic Matter – Mulch papers prevent fertility and natural organic matter from damage by sunlight radiation. Environmentally friendly – Plastic mulch films have zero effects on environmental use due to their non-reactive nature. It does not also release chemicals and is thus safe for soil and water. Generally, mulching films enhance proper growing conditions, temperature, water and soil fertility enhancement.

Why You Need Mulching Papers

Mulching films are cheaper and require zero cost to use and maintain. Unlike the cost of herbicides, you get mulching films at a lower price. It is light in weight and easier to install. No expert skills are needed to lay it on your farm. It can also be removed easily after harvesting to till the land. Mulching films promote agriculture during the dry seasons. Vegetables and fruits can be grown easily to boost domestic consumption and commercial needs.

What is the Cost of Mulching Papers in Kenya?

The cost of plastic mulching papers in Kenya depends on the size per square meter. A roll of mulch film can be 60-80 microns thick. 60-micron costs KES 55 While 80-micron costs KES 60.

Quality Mulching Papers for Sale in Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mulching paper is used on the farm in between the soil or plant lines to prevent evaporation and weed growth.

  • Prevents Soil Erosion
  •  Stops Excessive Evaporation
  • Protects the Organic Matter
  • Environmentally friendly

Plastic polythene material

KES 55-70 per Square Meter.

A mulching paper has a thickness of 30 to 80 microns

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