Rain Hose Kits for 1 Acre in Kenya
Rain Hose Kits

The best Rain Hose Kits for 1 Acre are available at Aqua Hub Kenya in different optional sizes to choose from. We do sell them rain hose pipes and fittings required for setting up a rain hose or soaker hose irrigation system.

Rain Hose Pipes in Kenya

A rain hose pipe is a flexible hose pipe made of plastic UV-treated polyethylene material. It has a pattern of tiny holes that emit jets of water to provide a rainfall effect on your crop field.

Rain Hose Kits

How Much It Costs for 1 Acre

The cost of Rain Hose Kits for 1 Acre is conforms to the type of rain hose pipe you choose to go with. Learn the Costs for the available sizes below.

Diameter Size (mm) Cost Per Square Meter Approximate size for 1 Acre
32 mm 3,400 800 m
40 mm 4,700 600 m
50 mm 5,500 400 m

Start your journey today with our smart Rain Hose Kits for 1 acre or less at very affordable prices that you can afford.

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Specifications of Rain Hose Kits for 1 Acre

32 mm Rain Hose Pipe

  • Maximum discharge flow rate of 12 liters per hour
  • Has a spraying radius of 3 M
  • Takes approximately 800 M length of rain hose pipe to cover the entire acre of land.
  • Laying Length of 25 – 40
  • Operates on a pressure of 0.5 to 1 bar

40 mm Rain Hose Pipe

  • Flow rate of 16 l per hour
  • Spray radius is approximately 5 m
  • Laying length of 30 – 50 M
  • Operates on a pressure of 1 bar

50 mm Rain Hose Pipe

  • Spray radius of 6 m
  • Laying length of 75 -100 m
  • Flow rate of 22 Litres per hour
  • Pressure range of 1-1.5 bar

How Rain Hose Irrigation Works

Rain Hose irrigation is an alternative to a sprinkler irrigation system and works best where you want to save on cost. The system uses low-pressure pumps to get water on the end delivery rain hose pipe.

A land surface receives adequate water that flows through the pipe as it has numerous openings that provide steady high-pressure jets of water. The entire ground surface on both sides of the pipe becomes wet within a short time compared to drip irrigation.

Rain Hose Kits 1 Acre Connection Accessories

  • Rain Hose Pipe – available in diameter sizes of 32, 40, and 50 mm. The best choice to consider depends on your crop water requirements.
  • Tee Connectors – for joining rain hose pipes together.
  • End Caps – to seal the ends of the rain pipe

Rain Hose Kits

  • Straight Connectors
  • Start HDPE pipes – also essential to move water from the start of the irrigation system to the rain hose supply pipe.
  • Tapes – Essential to provide a secure connection on the joints of irrigation pipes.
  • Valves – Controls the flow of water on the rain hose irrigation system
  • Filtration Kit – To remove the debris and silt that can clog the rain hose pipe.

Crops Suitable for Rain Hose Irrigation

Rain Hose is suitable for closely spaced crops, onion, vegetable crops, groundnut, leafy vegetables, cabbage, plantain, cocoa, palm tree nursery, dragon fruit, tomato, and lawns.

Seedlings such as tree and fruit trees, sugarcane, maize, and coffee plants.

It is also best for watering pastures such as lucerne, Brachiaria grass, Napier, and Rhodes grass.

What Makes Rain Hose Highly Demanded?

  • The rain hose kits are operational under low pressure. You don’t need to purchase costly high-pressure pumps to work with it.
  • It releases more water and, in the end, reduces the frequency of irrigation. You can choose to irrigate 3-4 times a week as per the soil type.
  • Soil gets less compact and results in better root germination and air circulation.
  • Rain Hose Kits are easier to install, can save labour costs, and run at a lower cost compared to sprinklers.
  • Uniformity in water distribution due to the even placement of holes in the Rain Hose pipes.



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