HDPE Pipes Prices in Kenya
HDPE Pipes Prices in Kenya

HDPE Pipes Prices in Kenya vary depending on the size and length of the pipe that you are buying.  The HDPE pipes come in a range of forms and sizes, with varying prices. The pipes are distinguished for their quality and longevity. We sell irrigation pipes of various diameters in our store. Water pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varied pricing. The distinction between pipes is based on their quality and lifespan.

We provide HDPE pipes and fittings for use in conduits for communications, sewage, gas, and clean water delivery. The pipes are strong and durable. High-density polyethene compounds that have been UV stabilized make up the pipes. In addition to being used for the transfer of water, oil, and other industrial liquids, these high-density pipes are also used for irrigation. High-quality HDPE pipes with varied wall thicknesses are available from Aqua Hub in lengths up to 100 meters.

HDPE Pipes

HDPE Pipe is just a pipe composed of polyethylene; this material offers the pipes certain unique characteristics that result in benefits, and these benefits have contributed to the popularity of polyethylene pipes. High quality, dependability of pipe and fittings, simplicity of loading and transportation of polyethylene pipes and fittings owing to their comparatively low weight, and rapid and easy installation have made polyethylene types the ideal choice for numerous projects.

HDPE Pipes Prices in Kenya

The cost of HDPE pipes ranges from ksh 1500 to ksh 33,000, depending on their size, length, and weight. Prices range from PN6 and PN16. HDPE pipes come in diameters ranging from 16 mm to 800 mm, with pressure gauges ranging from PN6 to PN25. They are available in rolls with diameters ranging from 20 mm to 110 mm.

Size Price
16mm 1,500
20 mm 2,500
25 mm 2,800
32 mm 4,800
40 mm 7,000
50 mm 10,000
63mm 15,000


Aqua Hub sells and services Kenya’s best irrigation pipes. In Kenya, our HDPE pipes are of the best quality. We are Kenya’s leading supplier of HDPE pipes. HDPE pipes for sale come in a range of HDPE pipe connections. Please contact us at the following numbers: 0790719020 NAIROBI | 0759372241 ELDORET


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