How to Choose the Best Irrigation Water Pumps
Best Irrigation Water Pumps

Most farm irrigation systems rely on water pumps to provide the force that drives water under high pressure in irrigation pipes. Choosing the best pump determines whether your irrigation system will work effectively or not.

To avoid inefficiencies of under-watering or excess watering of crops, you need to learn how to select the right pump for your application.

Types of Water Pumps

Common types of best irrigation water pumps either work on diesel, petrol, electricity, gasoline, or solar energy. All these energy sources can provide sufficient energy to push tons of water to use in acres of land. The rate of energy consumption varies depending on the type of pump, size, and mode of operation.


Typically, the most convenient pumps for irrigation purposes as they come at relatively lower costs compared to other types. Centrifugal Pumps deliver water in higher rates of flow even at lower pressure rates. Consume less energy and are easier to use and maintain.

Submersible types

Best Irrigation Water Pumps

Submersible pumps are the pump types that siphon water from wells and boreholes. The design allows them to suction water while maintaining the pressure and flow rate. Having a submersible pump enhances an easier way to pump and store water in tanks for drip or sprinkler irrigation.

Piston Pumps

are positive displacement pumps that transfer water using a cylinder and piston. They are perfect for pumping water from shallow sources, like rivers or ponds, and are frequently utilized in small-scale irrigation systems. Because they are dependable and effective, piston pumps are frequently used in conjunction with other types of pumps.

Hand types

Hand Pumps are an easy and affordable choice for irrigation systems on a small scale. They are perfect for pumping water from shallow sources, like wells or ponds, and are manually operated. Hand pumps are inexpensive, simple to maintain, and a useful backup in the event of an emergency or power outage.

How to Choose Water Pumps

When selecting irrigation water pumps there are several factors to think about before deciding on which one suits your project.

The source of water

Always think about where you are obtaining water for your irrigation needs. Is it a river, dam, well, borehole, or tank? Each pump type is designed for application in a specific water source. For instance, borehole pumps are for extracting water from wells and boreholes.


The designed operational pressure range defines a pump’s ability to supply water. If your irrigation system needs a high pressure, you need a pump of the same rating. Pressure incompatibilities can lead to failure of water to flow or under irrigation. At the same time, it may result in flooding in your farms if you are using a pump with higher pressure than the recommended one.

Type of Energy

The power source recommended for a pump is the main thing to consider when selecting an irrigation water pump. Consider the power source that is convenient for you. For instance, if you have electricity, you can choose electric water pumps. If you don’t have access to electricity, you can use diesel, petrol or solar water pumps.


To be assured of high-quality and durable pumps, always consider buying from the top pump brands in the world. Seek your water pump from popular and reliable suppliers to ensure long-term durability and maintenance at a lower cost.

Which Irrigation Systems do I Need a Pump?

Sprinkler Irrigation

The most high-pressure demanding irrigation system that works for a variety of water-needing plants. It cannot function without a pump to provide a pressure boost that enhances sprinkler head rotary irrigation.

Lawn Irrigation

A type of sprinkler irrigation for lawns using pop-up sprinklers that requires high pressure to irrigate the entire lawn. Water should move in pressure to enhance the rise-up feature of pop-up sprinklers. Pumps are connected to the mainline supply pipes and placed near the water source.

Flood Irrigation

This method supplies water to farm sections from one end to another via gravitational surface flow. Pumps can be connected to a supply hose pipe and water pumped to the field to flow from one end to another via trenches. The method can only be effective on flat land.

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