How To Choose Borehole Pumps: 5 Best Ways
borehole pumps

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Boreholes are underground reservoirs that are drilled to access water for domestic, residential, or irrigation purposes.  Boreholes extend to a big depth of even more than 300 m depending on the region and height above the sea level. You need borehole pumps to draw water from the borehole as it is deep and impossible to fetch using other means.

Submersible Borehole Pump Price in Kenya

Our Submersible Pumps cost between KES 15,000 to KES 250,000.

The size of the pump determines the price you it costs.

How Submersible Borehole Pumps Work

A submersible pump works while seated submerged in a borehole. It is connected to a suction pipe which draws water from the pump up to the ground surface.

A submersible pump has a wire connection to the motor and electric controller that controls the pump action. When powered on, the motor activates the pump to suction and pump water up to the delivery pipes at the ground.

Borehole Pumping Efficiency

Pumps work efficiently if certain factors that affect performance are addressed. It would be good if we understood those factors and how to avoid them.

Pump Type and Design

Not all pumps are ideal for use as borehole pumps. Consider the suction head, height, and durability. Submersible and centrifugal pumps are the most common ideal pumps for boreholes.

Sizing of the Pump

Ensure you conduct proper sizing of a pump before applying it in your borehole. Always ensure that a pump meets the required flow rate and suction height.

Water Quality

The quality of your borehole water determines the efficiency and durability of your pumps.

Also, consider using appropriate filtration on your borehole pump systems.


Regular maintenance is essential for sustaining the efficiency of the pumping system. Poorly maintained pumps develop worn-out impellers or bearings, which reduce efficiency and increase energy consumption. Routine inspections and timely repairs or replacements are crucial to maintaining optimal efficiency.

Source of Energy

The type of energy source that your pump uses determines whether it is effective for use. Consider a pump with an energy source always available to enhance water availability at every needed time.

Motor Efficiency

Consider pumps with efficient motors that consume less energy to operate. This is to ensure cost reduction in your borehole pumping system.


Pump controllers are the brain of a submersible pump system. Smart controllers are designed to ensure pumping occurs when needed and at the required flow rate.

Smart controllers also can adapt to changing environmental conditions regarding to water levels.

How to Choose an Effective Borehole Pump

Consider your water needs

Choose an appropriate pump that matches your desired flow rate, pressure, and volume of water.

Put in mind the intended use of the water (e.g., irrigation, industrial processes, or domestic use).

As per the depth of the borehole

choose a pump that has a suction height that is within the depth.

Consider Pump Type and Design

Assess the pumps that are ideal for use in boreholes. According to the source of energy that is cost-effective for you, pick a pump to install on your borehole. Designs and sizes vary, so it is best to consult experts on which size and type is good for your application. We are Known pump experts contact Us, at 0790719020

Size the Pump Appropriately

Ensure the pump size matches the depth and flow rate requirements of the well. Oversized or undersized pumps can lead to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

Optimize Control System

Depending on your water needs, choose the borehole pump that can work best for you. Consider the control system that will make it easier to pump water. Automated controllers will reduce operation and maintenance costs by enhancing efficiency in your borehole pumping system.

Cost of Operation

Consider the cost-benefit analysis report to assess whether the pump is worth your investment. If the cost of running and maintaining the pump is more than the cost of purchase and returns it would not be ideal to go for it.

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