Rotor Sprinklers in Kenya
Rotor Sprinklers

Rotor sprinklers can unleash a green and healthy effect on your lawn for ages owing to their irrigation effectiveness. Your lawns are well hydrated as the rotors are designed to circulate adequate water to every part.

What is a Rotor Sprinkler?

Rotor Sprinklers are gear-driven sprinkler heads that offer high performance and water balance in the entire irrigation zones. It has internal gears that control the rotation of the sprinkler head. Available in several brands such as hunter, rainbird and Toro.

Why Rotor Sprinklers are the Best

Area of Coverage

They can irrigate big areas considering their adjustable sprinkler heads. With the ability to increase flow rates, all ground surface gets wet.


The even distribution of water ensures uniform coverage across the entire lawn field.


Rotor sprinklers offer adjustable spray patterns and distances, allowing you to customize the watering based on your specific needs.


Rotors are made of quality UV-treated plastic materials on the entire body surface. They are suitable for use in harsh climatic conditions such as high heat and high humidity.

Wide range of applications

Applicable in irrigating small residential and large commercial fields. Whether you have a small backyard or a large landscape project, rotor sprinklers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Compatible to other irrigation systems

They are also compatible with various irrigation systems, making them a versatile choice for any setting.

How Rotor Sprinklers Work

Rotors sprinkler heads release water through nozzles positioned on the near end of the sprinkler head. The nozzles release uniform rates of flow throughout the irrigation schedule. Due to the rotary feature, the sprinkler head can ensure thorough irrigation.

Components of a Rotor Sprinkler System

  • Sprinkler Head – The plastic sprinkler device itself
  • Nozzles – For Releasing water from the sprinkler head. A small plastic device with a small hole for releasing water at high pressure.
  • Filter – A device for removing or trapping silt, debris, and other materials that can clog the rotor sprinkler head or nozzles.
  • Check Valve – To prevent water from backflow in the sprinkler system. Built-in in some types of sprinkler heads.
  • Mainline pipes – HDPE or PVC pipes for supplying water to the sprinkler heads.
  • Controllers – Ideal for controlling the sprinkler heads opening and closing in automatic irrigation.

Other Sprinkler Head Types in Kenya

  • Sprayers or Spray heads – Special designs for small areas such as gardens, compounds, and backyards.
  • Impact sprinklers – For field and crop irrigation purposes. Impact sprinklers have a design of two arms that breakwater jets to fine sprays as the sprinkler rotates.
  • Rain Gun Sprinklers – Big-size sprinkler devices that move high flow rates of water at high pressure. Suitable for irrigation of large areas such as plantations.
  • Pop-up sprinklers – Sprinkler devices that rise and automatically retract when irrigation is complete. The design of a spring and built-in filters enhances the efficiency of irrigation in pop-ups. Most ideal for irrigating lawns, fields and large compounds.

Advantages of Using Rotor Sprinklers

  • They are best options for large turf areas.
  • Offers thorough irrigation on an area. It rotates slowly thus ensuring an area receives sufficient water.
  • Works on any type of landscape. Slopy areas can receive effective irrigation as well.
  • You can interchange the nozzles for varying irrigation needs.

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