Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya
Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya

Irrigation pipes for sale are available at Aqua Hub Kenya in diameter sizes from 16mm to 110mm.
Irrigation pipes for sale are suitable for all pressure range applications.

Types of Irrigation Pipes

Irrigation pipes are available in different types that are suitable for varying forms of irrigation.
Irrigation pipes include High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipes, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes, Polyethylene (PE) pipes, and PPR Pipes.

Benefits of Aqua Hub Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya

Our pipes come with many benefits that directly or indirectly impact the income, environment, and productivity of our customers.

Resistance to Corrosion

Our Irrigation pipes are made of materials that do not corrode or react with air, water, or fluids. Plastic resins are non-reactive to chemicals and environmental conditions.

High Tensile strength

Irrigation pipes have a high tensile strength which keeps them resistant to bursting. They supply water under the pressure range designed by the manufacturer without damage.

Available in Various sizes and Lengths

Our irrigation pipes are available for sale at different standard and customizable lengths. The diameter size varies from 16 mm to 110 mm range.

Cheap Cost

Our irrigation pipes come at affordable prices as compared to other types of pipes.


Irrigation pipes are designed with smooth inner surfaces and thick walls. They are also made of durable materials to ensure they are operational for a long time.

UV treatment

With their UV-treated nature, irrigation pipes cannot burn or get damaged from high sunlight intensity. Cold weather cannot cause harm as well.

Safe for Environment

Irrigation pipes for sale are stable materials for use and therefore environmentally friendly.

Applications of Irrigation Pipes

HDPE Pipes

Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya
HDPE pipes are ideal for use as mainline pipes in irrigation systems such as drip irrigation.  Their wide diameter range and high density make them ideal for distribution of irrigation water.

Polyethylene Pipes (PE Pipes)

The flexible PE pipes are good for supplying water to crops on the field. PE pipes are applicable as drip lines due to uniform emitter holes. PE pipes can withstand water pressure as they have stiff and resistant surfaces.
Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes also work as Mainline connections or lateral pipes. They are durable, resistant, and withstand high pressure as well, making them suitable for water supply.

Considerations for Irrigation Pipes for Sale

To get quality and assurance of efficiency in irrigation pipes, consider;

Pipe type

Various pipes are best for different applications. Choose durable and ideal pipes for your irrigation system depending on crop and soil type.


Consider how a pipe can last to settle for durable pipes. It helps cut the cost of buying or replacing pipes in the future.

Pressure Rating

Ensure the pipes you choose are within the pressure requirement for your irrigation system.


Learn and consider the recommended use of a pipe before deciding to buy. Choose the ideal pipe for your irrigation system as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.


The cost of the pipe decides which pipes you will purchase.

Crop type

Various crop types require different forms of water application. Choose irrigation pipes depending on the suitable irrigation systems for your crops.
For example, onions will require, HDPE and PE pipes as it is ideal for drip irrigation.

General Applications of Irrigation Pipes for Sale

  1. Agricultural irrigation systems for various forms of crop irrigation.
  2. Clean water supply to homes and buildings.
  3. In pump systems to carry water from one place to another.
  4. Water treatment plants to carry dirty water to the point of cleaning.
  5. As suction pipes in boreholes, dams, and rivers.
  6. Pipes can also work in the protection of fiber and electric cables.
  7. Transportation of liquids and gases in industries.

Price of Irrigation Pipes for Sale in Kenya

The cost of 100 m long Irrigation pipes for sale ranges from KES 1,500 to KES 15,000 depending on the type and diameter size.
Make a difference in your irrigation schemes today with the ideal pipes from Aqua Hub Kenya.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of 100 m irrigation pipe in Kenya?

KES 1,500 – KES 15,000 depending on the type of pipe.

Which pipe is the best for irrigation?

PE pipes are the best for crop irrigation. They are cheap, water saving and flexible compared to other pipes.

How do i Choose Irrigation Pipes?

Consider the type, pressure requirements, application, and cost.

Is PVC pipes good for Irrigation?

PVC pipes are durable and ideal pipes for mainline connections in irrigation systems.

What types of Irrigation Pipes are available?

HDPE, PVC, PPR and PE pipes are available for irrigation purposes.

Where Can i Purchase pipes for Irrigation in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya is the ideal supplier of irrigation pipes and accessories.

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