2″ Rain Guns

Get 2 ” Rain Guns from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. Rain gun Sprinklers are a new generation of high-volume, high-pressure sprinklers for horticulture irrigation, broadacre crops, orchards, and forestry. Rain gun Sprinklers spray water to large areas, saving the farmer time and labor.


The specs of our 2″ Rain Guns stand out as the most impressive of the new generation of high-volume, high-pressure rain gun sprinklers available in Kenya. The diameter of our low-pressure rain gun sprinkler is specified to be 1 inch, and it has a throw that is 12 meters in diameter. The higher pressure is necessary for the larger ones.

At the time of installation, the cost of an irrigation system using a rain gun sprinkler is less than that of a drip system. Rain gun sprinklers, on the other hand, need a pump in order to function, but a drip irrigation system may rely on gravity flow to function. This makes the operation of rain gun sprinklers more expensive than that of a drip irrigation system. PVC, HDPE, or delivery lay flat pipes are the materials usable for rain gun pipes.

2″ Rain Guns pipes

It is possible to use PVC, HDPE, or a delivery lay flat pipe for the input pipe. Each rain-gun sprinkler is supportable by a steel tripod stand that is one meter in height. Sprinklers can be manually adjustable to spray at any angle between 0 and 360 degrees, with the default setting being 10 degrees.

Choice of crops to irrigate

  • Horticulture. cabbage, spinach, kale, carrot, onion, garlic, strawberry, and pineapple.
  • Wide-area crops. wheat, barley, canola, sugarcane, corn, or maize
  • Fruit orchards. citrus (orange, tangerine, and lemon), avocado, macadamia, papaya, guava, mango, tree tomato, and passion
  • Forestry. seedlings and mature trees
  • Pasture crop. lucerne, Rhode grass5, and every other type of pasture grass
  • Herbs, such as mint, lemongrass, geranium, tagete, etc. kei apple, bougainvillea, cypress

Is a 2″ rain gun good for irrigation?

Tomatoes and peppers, which are sensitive to fungal infections due to leaf wetness, are better irrigated with drip irrigation systems. Our RG sprinklers perform best at pressure ratings of 30M to 40M head, which equates to 3 to 4 bars. These sprinklers require a pump with a high water discharge rate and high pressure rating. Pumps that do not meet these requirements will not work. There will be 15 cubic feet of water discharged per hour by two 2′′ RGs connected to a pump, or 30 cubic feet per hour. This parameter must be met by the pump water discharge requirements.


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