Borehole Drilling & Servicing

A borehole drilling process is a well-known process that is used to tap into the earth’s natural resources. The process involves drilling down into the earth and then pumping water, oil and gas out of the ground.

Borehole Drilling Process

  1. Conduct Hydro-geological survey
  2. Obtain the Hydro-geological survey and recommendation on the correct site
  3. Obtain Certification such as WARMA, NEMA , KIWI & County Government involved
  4. Avail the Rig ( Drilling Equipement ) at the site
  5. Commence the drilling process
  6. Pump fitting & Testing
  7. Commission & Handing over of the project to the Client.


Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most affordable borehole drilling and pump installation services in Kenya. Our services range from ;

  • Hydro-geological survey (Done by Our team of Experts)
  • Licencing (Relevant Authorities)
  • Drilling of the borehole
  • Water Pump Installation
  • Servicing & Maintenance of the borehole

After following the correct procedures above, Aqua Hub Kenya commissions the bore pump installation and testing process. We have high technology in Water Pump choice and installations. Our pumps are as follows;



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