Dam liners

Aqua Hub Kenya provides high-quality and affordable dam liners. Our dam liners are of 0.3 mm,0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm thickness.

  • Irrigation ponds
  • Canals, ditches, and water reservoirs
  • Aquaculture
  • Drop-in tanks


Dam liners are organic, cross-linked binding polymer crystals that are specially for dam sealing and general site water control applications. It is a simple, ecologically safe tool that may seal dams and other porous structures rapidly.

They are also impermeable sheets made of HDPE and LDPE. It is a nonporous membrane that is of low or high-density polyethylene that is useful commercially for dam liners, water reservoir liners, fish pond liners, swimming pools, and underground water tank liners. To prevent fluid seepage, this geomembrane sheet serves as a liner. A dam liner/geomembrane is the optimum water collecting solution and reservoir.

Major features of dam liners

  1. They are frequently available in black.
  2. The thicknesses are 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm.
  3. UV treated, they are resistant to high heat.

Benefits of dam liners

Water is a critical resource due to the paucity of water supplies. To prevent water from seeping into the soil, dams, and ponds must be of the best dam liner material available. At the same time, the reservoir may retain floods and support aquatic life and plants.

How do you keep water for your animals and plants? And what about the waste from your livestock? Did you know that the agriculture business frequently builds large trenches to hold livestock waste or water? These reservoirs are frequently lined with clay pack soil, although tanks, which may be purchased to size, are also utilized at times.

Yes, these are both effective and fully enough strategies for managing water. However, they could definitely use improvement. How? It’s easy. Dam liners provide a practical and simple way to enhance your water management, making it safer and more efficient. The use of dam liners has a number of benefits.

Dam liners are useful for stopping seepage. They inhibit the sluggish seepage of water from the system into the surrounding soil since they are not highly permeable. This is crucial while storing garbage since hazardous chemical byproducts may leak into the groundwater.

It is excellent for water containment. This is most likely their primary advantage. Your water management system must be leak-free since water management expenditures may add up. And fortunately, they’re also proficient at stopping system leaks and saving you money.

Dam Liners Applications

  1. Fish pond liners and Aquaculture
  2. Mining
  3. Water reservoirs
  4. Heavy-duty industrial application
  5. Irrigation ponds

How to know the size of the dam liner required

You may spend less money if you are aware of how much pond liner you need. Anything that is either too big or too little is a waste of money. Calculating how much material you’ll need requires precise measurements of your pond project. These will have to be taken into account while calculating liners. Your dimensions will be used to determine how much pond liner and protective underlay to purchase.

Dam liners grant you greater creative flexibility when designing ponds since they give you additional design options. The further you deviate from the typical rectangular or circular pond design, the more measurement skills you’ll require. Never forget to increase the amount for a full overlay. Measurements must be taken in order to determine the quantity of dam liner required. The measurements you will take include;

  • Take the longest length.
  • Take the broadest width.
  • Measure the depth of your pond at its deepest point.

Now multiply one side (Length or Width) by the overlap amount plus two times the depth (0.15m). The depth of the pond must be extended by two since the pond liner must go down one side and back up the other. Exactly how you want to install your pond liner will determine how much overlay or overlap to include in your estimate. As a consequence, adjust the amount of overlay based on the installation and edging technique.


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