Water pipes prices in Kenya
Water pipes prices in Kenya

Water pipes prices in Kenya vary according to the quality and kind of plumbing requirements. Water pipes come in various shapes and sizes, and their costs vary. The caliber and durability of the pipes vary from one another. In the building of pipes, many materials are used. Among the materials are polyvinyl chloride, cast iron, copper, steel, and steel. Several joints may be used to connect different lengths of water pipe. The diameters and densities of the water pipelines vary. Thus, the pipe’s material, size, and density determine the cost of the water pipe. The cost of water pipelines in Kenya is determined by this.

Water pipes in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Due to their superior quality and durability, water pipes offered by Aqua Hub for sale in Kenya are regarded as the ideal option for irrigation and plumbing on various projects. We provide a range of materials for the pipes we offer. The most popular water pipe types we provide are PVC and HDPE.

A variety of sizes of Aqua Hub water pipes are offered. 16 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, and 110 mm are the sizes that are offered. Installing our water pipes is simple. Experts commonly employ two installation techniques: vibration and plow open cut. The techniques mentioned above don’t require any adhesive or liquid to join the pipe, and they are frequently the finest options in many fields, including irrigation and drainage.

Factors to consider when buying water pipes

Choosing a water pipe for your farm might be challenging, especially if you have no experience with plumbing. Given that it provides you with one of our most essential resources—water—your choice of the water pipe is crucial. You can make a more informed decision if you have a better understanding of the factors to consider when choosing your water pipe. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a water pipe. The variables determine the costs of water pipelines in Kenya.

Water type in the region

Depending on where you live, the water in your pipes could be corrosive. Corrosive water dissolves the substances it comes into contact with. In your house, corrosive water is a worry since you don’t want your pipes to deteriorate soon after they are installed. Although the water is not poisonous in and of itself, it poses health problems when it corrodes copper and metal pipes and dissolves copper and lead into the water supply. A professional water test can indicate how acidic your water source is.

Use of the water pipe

The amount of water pressure you need is crucial when selecting the best water pipe for your farm. High water pressure is definitely what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a commercial plumbing solution. To sustain high water pressure, a pipe must be significant in size and built to bear strong force. Because they were created specifically for this condition, plastic pipes are often the best option.

The region’s soil features

The kind of soil around your pipes has a big influence on how long they last. Due to the abundance of stones, moisture, and abrasive elements in the soil, your pipes will eventually degrade. The chemical composition of the soil must also be taken into account. Extra soil minerals may react when they come into contact with specific pipe materials.

sunlight exposure in pipes

The sun has the same impact on pipes as it does on our skin. Plastic pipes’ surface quality deteriorates over time due to UV radiation, increasing their susceptibility to issues and shortening their lifespan. Temperature-related problems may also result from prolonged sun exposure. Installing PVC pipes in areas with high ambient temperatures is not a good idea because they aren’t made to carry hot water. Many plumbers use insulating materials to prevent temperature changes from impacting pipe quality.

We have quality water pipes which are affordable with HDPE fittings in Kenya.

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