Constructing Raised Concrete Fishponds in Kenya
Raised Concrete Fishponds

Raised Concrete Fishponds are the ultimate structures to conduct modern fish farming and water storage structures. Unlike tunnels or dug ponds, concrete ones are suitable for enhancing the production of fish near domestic areas.

With raised ponds, the safety of children, animals, and fish is highly enhanced due to their raised structures.

Materials necessary for the Construction of Raised Fishponds

Bricks or Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks or bricks make good walls that can hold water for a long period without breaking. They stick to the cement structure strongly and make the venture possible.


Cement is a great compound to hold bricks and concrete together. It hardens faster and makes a strong and waterproof wall. You can get cement from numerous construction companies and hardware shops.


Excellent stones for developing a strong basement and foundation of the concrete structure.

Wooden Poles

Raised Concrete Fishponds

Depending on the structure of the fish pond you like, wooden poles may need to be included to support the roofing. They include quality and strong wooden poles made from hardwood timber.

Dam Liner

The material is a waterproof plastic sheet for keeping water inside the fishpond. It is a security measure, to retain water in case leakage of the concrete structure occurs.

Waterproof Shade Nets

Raised Concrete Fishponds

These are nets for roofing the concrete pond structure. Roofing the pond is another ideal measure to prevent water loss from evaporation. It can also keep predator birds, debris and, dirt away from your pond.


You need PVC pipes to supply water to the concrete structure. Depending on the size of the concrete structure choose the appropriate pipe sizes.

Process of Constructing a Concrete Fishpond

Preparation and Measurement of the Suitable Location

  • Choose a flat area suitable for setting your pond.
  • Clear the area by removing vegetation and rocks.
  • Measure the area by keeping in mind the desired size of the pond. The measurements will determine the cost of the materials needed.
  • Consult us to schedule a site visit to your place for measurements and consultations on suitability of the place.
  • Obtain the materials needed for the development of your pond structure. We supply the materials you need, consult us.

Constructing the Walls

  • Dig trenches about 2 ft deep for laying the foundation.
  • Fit wooden poles at intervals of 1 M apart in the edges and corners of the structure. Lay bricks and construct concrete walls using cement.
  • Dig about 1 ft deep on the inner ground surface and remove the topsoil.

Cementing the Floor of the Fishpond

  • Mix cement and ballast on a ratio of 1:3. That is 1 bag of cement with 3 bags of ballast.
  • Pour the mixture on the floor until it reaches the required level. Ensure the surface is level and smoothen it with cement mixture.
  • Leave the structure to dry and spray with water for hardening.

Lining the Concrete Pond

  • After 2 days you can install a dam liner on the concrete fishpond structure.
  • Lay the dam liner inside the structure and spread it. Ensure it touches all the edges of the pond.
  • Pull the extension and fix it onto the outer top part of the concrete walls using nails.


Roofing the Structure Using Waterproof Shade Net

  • Conduct roofing of the structure. Ensure you have obtained a waterproof shade net of the required size.
  • Attach it onto the roofing poles and stretch it to cover the entire part. The shade net should have an extension to cover the wall spaces.
  • Attach it to the wooden poles using nails.

Filling Water

  • Open water connection to fill the concrete fishpond. Source water from a nearby water supply connection, ensuring the water is fresh and free from debris.
    You can use water filters to ensure silt does not accumulate.
  • Always monitor your raised fishponds to check for debris, water levels, and fish health.

Advantages of Raised Concrete Fishponds

  1.  It is easier to attach dam liners to the structure for waterproof fishponds.
  2. This makes it safe and effective for fish farming as the structure is free from flooding and water loss.
  3. Predators are kept away using effective roofing and protection nets.
  4. A raised structure prevents the accumulation of soil and dirt.

Suppliers of Dam Liners and Waterproof Shade Nets in Kenya

We deal in the sale of waterproof shade nets and dam liners for your concrete fishponds.

Depending on the size of your pond, we will advise you on the sizes you require. For other construction materials, we can outsource them from known building and construction dealers in Kenya.

Reach Out, We Construct Raised Concrete Fishponds

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