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Aqua Hub is one of the best-known Greenhouse Construction and Repair Companies in Kenya. We have the best technology for designing greenhouses and conducting repairs and maintenance.

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When Do Greenhouses Need Repair?

A greenhouse needs repair when the parts such as polythene covers are damaged. Sometimes due to harsh weather or improper installation greenhouses are severely damaged. For instance, the recent heavy rainfall and wind in Kenya have led to many reports of greenhouses being blown away by wind.

Common Greenhouse Repair Problems and Solutions

Replacement of torn Greenhouse Polythene Cover

Once a greenhouse cover is damaged, it no longer makes the environment inside the structure hot. Therefore, the torn cover needs to be replaced with a new polythene material to enhance continuous better conditions. We replace the torn greenhouse polythene cover with our UV-treated brand-new polythene covers at affordable costs.

Replacing Rotten Wooden Poles

Wooden greenhouse structures may become weak once they get old. We are available to renew your structure with new and strong wooden poles. Painted wooden poles are also available to ensure a long-lasting structure.

Ventilation Insect Net Fixing

A ventilation net may also tear or cease to work properly after a long time of use.  You need a new UV-treated insect netting for replacement. We have various options of insect nets, available in sizes of 3.5 x 50 m.

Fixing Greenhouse Drip Kits

Greenhouse drip kits may also require maintenance or repairs such as fixing leaking pipes, and unclogging or replacing fittings.

The Importance of Timely Greenhouse Repair

Making greenhouse repairs earlier is essential to ensure continuous crop production. When greenhouses get damaged, plants are exposed to harsh weather and insects, and thus yield reduces.

It is better to monitor and fix any damage earlier enough before the damage extends to the entire structure. It would be less costly to repair damages when they are still minor than having to repair the whole structure.

How to Repair a Greenhouse, Essential Steps

Assess the Damage

Inspect the structure to know the part and extent of the damage. Note down and estimate the requirements for repair of the structure.

Assemble the Requirements for Repair of the Damaged Part

Depending on the damaged part you may need to purchase new polythene cover, Profiles or Ventilation nets.

Removing the Damaged Materials

Detach the broken parts, polythene covers, or poles and replace them with new ones. Be sure to take note of the measurements for the damaged parts to ensure that they match the size of the materials for repair.

Fixing New Greenhouse Materials

Greenhouse Repair

After doing away with the old or parts that are damaged, attach new materials.

For instance, greenhouse cover repair involves the attachment of a new one onto the structure and holding it onto channels.

Ways to Ensure Proper Greenhouse Repair

  • Use quality materials to repair key damaged parts of the greenhouse. Ensure you acquire UV-treated polythene covers, galvanized or quality steel structures or quality nets.
  • Make sure the material for replacement fits the damaged part well.
  • Conduct repairs while maintaining the greenhouse design or orientation to enhance stability.
  • Ensure the materials are sufficient to repair the greenhouse.

Cost of Greenhouse Repair in Kenya

The cost of greenhouse repair in Kenya depends on the extent of the damage and the cost of materials to use.

Migrate Your Farming Venture to New Greenhouse Structures

At times instead of spending much on repairing entire structures, get new durable greenhouse structures at affordable costs.

Do you need greenhouse Repair Services or fresh installation? Reach out, we are the best greenhouse builders in Kenya.

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